Clean environment should be a fundamental right

Environment is nothing but all natural, social and cultural systems, human and economic activities and their inseparable parts and also the inter-relationship and interaction among these parts. A healthy and clean environment is quintessential for the survival of human beings and other life forms on the earth. It is mandatory for access, conservation and proper use of the resources provided by the environment. Livelihood of people living in rural areas depends directly on the natural resources. The basic right to live in clean surroundings is also beneficial in maintaining a pollution- free environment also for the people residing in suburban and urban areas. Making environment a fundamental right is needed for controlling as well as preventing the destruction of the resources of nature, like plants, trees, water, wildlife and wetlands.
Environmental justice means the right to live in an environment that is healthy and clean. It also brings to consideration right to be informed about the environment, having a role to play in decision making related to the environment, also compensation to those who have been victims of environmental pollution and environmental degradation. The right to involvement and information is likely to ensure the meaningful involvement of people in making important decisions for the environment. If these rights are included in the Constitution in future, people can be in a fortunate position of enjoying and claiming environmental justice and rights.

Fundamental rights need to be preceded by fundamental duties. Unless people are cautious about their duties to conserve nature, environmental fundamental rights will be of no use.

  • It is our fundamental duty as human beings to respect animals, plants, nature and the environment that surrounds us.
  • It is the fundamental duty of every citizen belonging to all communities to conserve the resources of the environment, keeping in mind the well- being and prosperity of present as well as the future generations.

This is because it now it is high time for us to protect our environment first and then think about using its resources, services and goods. We have witnessed for years the exploitation of natural resources in the name of progress. It needs to be ceased and the Constitution can play a domineering role in it. If now the destruction of environment is not prevented or controlled, cleaning of it will be beyond our control.
In the present times, the ways in which human activities are damaging the environment are perilous for the existence of humans. For the sake of protecting the environment, introduction of laws by the government has become mandatory. Protection, conservation and improvement of the environment must be one of our prime concerns. Environmental laws have been very beneficial since many years for providing protection to the environment from imposed threats by humans. As inhabitants of the Earth, it is our important task to safeguard our environment. But some people do not care for such issues and therefore, demand for a clean environment needs to be made a fundamental right. Laws need to be more stiff many improvements are to be made in future.

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