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Global Warming: A Threat to the modern World

Global Warming is a real threat to the modern world. The consequences of Global Warming are dangerous. It is increasing day by day by making the environment inappropriate for humans to live in. It is a slow process by which the earth’s surface and the environment are getting warmer. Each day the atmospheric temperature is increasing. In last few years it is increasing abruptly. It is confirmed by EPA that every year the temperature is increasing by almost 0.8 degree Celsius. Scientist’s are assuming that in coming years the temperature hike can reach upto 11 degree F.

Why it is happening?

We can point out so many reasons behind the increasing temperature of the earth. Some are naturally caused and some are the result of the human activities. But the most significant cause of the Global Warming is the increasing level of the green house gases in the environment. The population is growing everyday and as the result of this they are using modern energies and causing pollution to the nature. As the number of vehicle has increased, they are emitting harmful gases like carbon di-oxide, sulphur di-oxide etc. which are also known as green house gases. Some other green house gases are CFCs, halocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, Chlorine, Methane etc. Industries are also emitting greenhouse gases which are causing harm to the environment. Collectively they are disturbing the radiative balance of the earth. It is mainly affecting the Ozone layer. Ozone layer is protecting the environment from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. By the depletion of the ozone layer the harmful rays are entering the environment and are getting absorbed by the gases and particles present in it and thus increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. Presence of atmospheric aerosol is also another cause of Global warming.

Consequences of Global Warming:

As the causes of Global Warming are increasing gradually, the effects of it can also be seen very clearly and very often too. As per the survey report of the Geological Survey of USA many glaciers have started to melt. This is a serious issue causing the climatic change. The huge change in climate is also causing different natural calamities. Especially the storms are becoming very active. The prolonged summer and a short winter is also the effect of Global Warming. The change in the pattern of air, the whimsical nature of rain, frequent occurrence of cyclones , floods draught etc are the result of this increasing temperature of the environment. Ice caps are also melting rapidly causing the climate change. Humans are also getting affected due to this. The harmful ultraviolet rays are responsible for many skin diseases, even skin cancer. Few species of birds and animals are also getting extinct because of this.

Efforts to protect the Environment:

We must arrange awareness programmes and camps to aware the common people about the adverse effects of Global Warming. Few things we can’t get back definitely but at least we can try to protect the remaining things. With modern technology we can try to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from either vehicles or industries. We can encourage the people to use eco friendly fuels. We have to protect our environment for the well being of us only.

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