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Major Environmental Problems on Current Date

It cannot be denied that our environment is subject to constant change. With the change of the environment, the requirement to become more aware of the major problems surrounding our environment also increases. People have to be aware of the various types of environmental threats that our planet Earth is facing. One of the greatest problems is global warming and it has become an inseparable part of our livelihoods today. There is no denying that our planet is gradually warming up. Apart from this, several other environmental problems are there. People, all around the globe, are tormented by old and new environmental problems every now and then. While some of these problems are small, several others are drastically changing our planet. We, Earthlings are indeed at the brink of tremendous environmental crisis.

  • Global warming – Human activities such as emission of the Greenhouse gases are responsible behind global warming. With this, the temperatures of the Earth’s surface and of the oceans is rising, leading to melting of ice caps in the polar regions and rise of water levels in seas.
  • Pollution – Air, water and soil pollution are the biggest threat to mankind. Acid rain, oil spill and urban wastes cause water pollution. Toxins and various gases released by factories and industries are responsible for air pollution. Soil pollution is mainly the product of waste from the industries.
  • Overpopulation – The population of the Earth is about to reach unsustainable levels and with this there will be an acute shortage of water, food, fuel and other resources. Developing countries are struggling with scarce resources already. Intensive agriculture is damaging the environment due to use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. So, overpopulation is definitely a great environmental problem.
  • Depletion of Ozone Layer – The ozone layer that protects our planet from the harmful rays of the sun is being depleted. Pollution caused by CFC is responsible for this depletion. When these toxic gases succeed in reaching the upper atmosphere, a hole is caused in the ozone layer. The biggest hole is seen above the Antarctic circle. Many industries have band CFC. Ozone layer is very important as it prevents us from dangerous UV radiations.
  • Deforestation – Our forests give us fresh oxygen, bring rainfall and regulate temperature. At present, 30 percent of the land is covered by forest and every year the forest area is decreasing because population growth demand more shelter, food and cloth. Clearing of forest and converting the land into residential, commercial and industrial places are severely damaging the environment.
  • Acid Rain – Acid rain is caused because of the presence of several pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere. Erupting volcanoes, rotting vegetation, combustion of fossil fuel release nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into our atmosphere. It is one such environmental problem that will have tremendous effect on wildlife, human health and aquatic species.

If we, humans, do not stop moving forward applying harmful means, the future of our Earth is at a huge threat. It’s high time that we raise awareness in our families and our locality to make our Earth a friendly abode for all of us.

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