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Man and Nature –The two inseparable part of the Environment

The relation between man and nature is indeed very deep. There is a harmonious relation between this two. The word nature includes all the elements of the earth, land, soil, plants and even animals. The two elements of nature man and tree are closely related to each other. They both are dependent on each other and in this way maintaining the balance of eco system. Since the early ages their bonding is very strong. We all know that trees are absorbing the carbon di oxide released by men and giving them pure oxygen to inhale.
In every step of the life man is dependent on trees. Trees are giving us woods to make our shelter and furniture, food to survive and our clothing materials. So the three basic need of life we can get from the tree. The man has also some responsibilities towards the trees. They need to plant them and maintain them. Trees can’t live in the adverse situation like drought of in the presence of parasites and even weeds. Man can only save them from these dangers. In this way trees are also dependent on humans.
With the growing population the rate of industrialization is going on. For these humans are cutting down trees rapidly. The ecological balance is getting disturbed. To get the economic stability humans are cutting down trees without thinking about their future. Rivers are also being dammed and the agricultural lands are also transforming into industrial areas. In this way humans are harming the nature.
Now decades after they have realised the value of trees. Now the situation is like that they are not getting their basic needs in an easy way like earlier. The amount of rainfall is less now. Few species of birds and animals are getting extinct. The rate of the crops and fuel is also very high. Moreover industrialization has left a deep impact on nature. The harmful gases are polluting the nature and the air is becoming poisonous to inhale. Different diseases are coming out. They are also polluting the water by dumping the waste materials into the nearby river. When the people are using it they are getting affected by it. The change in weather, landslide and even the scarcity of rain is also the result of deforestation.
Now it is the time to correct the mistakes. People have became aware than the earlier. They have understood the value of trees and started planting the trees. Government has also taken steps and have organised many awareness programmes related to it. They are also trying to solve the recent situation. Some movements of Government include ‘save the tree movement’, ‘Narmada Bachao movement’ etc. Except the Government initiative, some NGOs are also trying to save the nature by organising different programmes on the importance of trees and planting trees throughout the country. To maintain the balance of the eco system and to get back the pure environment we have to plan more and more trees whenever and wherever we can.

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