Pollution: The increasing terror for life

When the contaminants are mixing with the fresh air of the nature making it harmful for the living beings and changing the environment abruptly, that is called pollution. In easy terms it is the process to make the air, water and soil harmful for use. It plays a very important role in human life. We can classify it in many groups. But the air pollution, water pollution and the soil pollution is affecting the human life most.

Air Pollution:

With the growing population number of vehicle is increasing day by day. The vehicles are emitting harmful gases because of the incomplete burning of the fuel. The release of harmful gases like Carbon di oxide, Sulphur di oxide, methane, oxides of nitrogen etc are making the air harmful to inhale. The pollution of air is the cause of several diseases like Asthma, various lung diseases and even lung cancer. Bhopal gas tragedy is the current example of how the polluted gases can harm the human body. Sometimes it causes the genetic disorder also. This even hampered the lives of many animals there. The incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan is also an example of acute air pollution. Burning of crackers during festival can cause air pollution. Many a time polluted gases emitted from the industries are polluting the air of the surrounding area.

Water Pollution:

It is our age old tradition to drink water from the pond of well. In recent times also mostly in the villages people are drinking water from the natural sources without purifying it but now it is becoming very dangerous for their health because the water is no more safe. Humans have already polluted the water by different ways. Using the pesticides to the crop can pollute the water indirectly. Uneducated people are using the rivers and water bodies for bathing and cleaning purpose which is a big reason for water pollution. Moreover the industries are releasing the waste materials into the nearby water body. This act is also polluting the water by causing water pollution. We are also polluting the water in the name of God by dumping different things in the water. Now we should not use the water of the river or any other water bodies without purifying it. It may cause various diseases.

Soil Pollution:

Human beings are mostly dependent on soil. If the soil will be polluted it will definitely leave a mark on human health. Farmers are using fertilizers and pesticides for the betterment of the crops but these things are polluting the soil a lot. Deforestation is going on rapidly and as the result of that soil erosion is taking place by hampering the texture of the soil and making it infertile. The cutting of tree is also disturbing the rain pattern.
The ozone layer is protecting the earth from the harmful ultra violet rays. Pollution is causing the depletion of that layer which is going to be fatal for human being as well as other living beings. We should modify our lifestyle to stop the increasing rate of pollution to save the environment which is protecting us from the adversities.


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