Factors Causing Air And Water Pollution

What are the factors that cause air and water pollution?

There are several factors that cause air and water pollution. Some factors are common for both whereas some are different. Some are major whereas some are minor. Mentioned below are the causes of air and water solution.

Factors Causing Air pollution

  1. Burning of Fossil Fuels: Fossil Fuels like petroleum, coal, and others are major causes of pollution in the air. Sulphur Dioxide gets emitted from these. Emissions from vehicles like jeeps, cars, airplanes, trains also cause the great amount of pollution. Unfortunately, we are completely dependent on them for our daily transportation and the overuse of them is dangerous for the environment. Pollutants like Carbon Monoxide emitted from vehicles and Nitrogen Oxides produced due to man-made and natural activities are also harmful to the environment.
  2. Agriculture Related activities: Agricultural activities release the most common by-product gas Ammonia to the environment which is very hazardous. Using of insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides also cause air pollution by emitting harmful chemicals.
  3. Exhaust from industries and factories: A large number of organic compounds, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and chemicals produced from manufacturing industries are released into the air which depletes the air quality and unfortunately these industries can be found everywhere and every corner of the world has been affected by them.
  4. Mining operations: In this process, large types of equipment are used to extract minerals from below the earth and releases a huge amount of chemicals and dust into the air thereby causing immense air pollution. That’s why the health conditions of the nearby residents and workers are deteriorating day by day.

Factors CausingWater Pollution

There are various reasons due to which water pollution is caused. Some of the major reasons are:

  1. Garbage water and Sewage: Liquid waste and sewage of agricultural lands, factories and households are discharged into ponds, rivers, and lakes, which contain toxic chemicals and make the water poisonous and
  2. Dumping of Litters And Solid Wastes: Dumping these into the water bodies causes immense water problems. Different solid wastes like plastic, aluminum, Styrofoam, glass, etc varies in time to degrade and decompose in water. These wastes affect aquatic animals and plants.
  3. Industrial Wastes: Industrial wastes like mercury, lead, petrochemicals, and asbestos are extremely harmful to the environment and people. These wastes when discharged into the water bodies make them contaminated and highly toxic.
  4. Oil Pollution: Oil spillage from tankers and ships make the sea water polluted. The spilled oil forms a thick sludge on the water as it doesn’t dissolve in water, which makes the water unsuitable for marine lives.
  5. Acid Rain: This is basically the effect of air pollution leading to water pollution. Acid rain is caused due to the mixture of acidic particles with water vapor in the atmosphere. This rain when falls on the water bodies make them quite harmful.
  6. Global Warming: Global warming increases the water temperature which results in the death of aquatic animals and plants. This also resulted in the bleaching of coral reefs.

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