Environmental Science

Environment Services- An Important Aspect Of Life

Why should we study environmental services?

Before we proceed let us first understand what environment is.

Environment means surrounding. It includes the things on which we are dependent for our survival, either directly or indirectly. The environment is composed of both biotic (animals, plants, etc.) and biotic (air, water, soil, etc.) Components. It has got four layers viz. atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere.

All the elements and components of the environment interact with each other.  Human beings are the one whose interaction with the environment is more vigorous than any other organisms. Environment basically provides us the resources which are essential for our survival as well as for leading a comfortable life.

What is an Environmental study?

The environmental study basically refers to the study of the environments a system. It helps in the gaining of knowledge about induced and inherent changes in organisms. Environmental studies not only indicate the study of biological and physical characters of its composition but also give knowledge on the cultural and social factors affecting the changes. We can also get to know about the influence of human beings on the environment.

Why is environmental study so important?

The world is gradually becoming crowded with an ever-growing population. This leads to more consumption of natural resources and more harsh activities on the environment. These human activities may lead to some unexpected and irreversible consequences to our surroundings.

Hence, it’s very important to study the various causes, biological or physical, that affect the environment, directly or indirectly. Environment problems must be dealt carefully to protect the world from any negative impact. It’s crucial to make people aware of all the negative activities that harm our surroundings. People must know the appropriate solutions to the environmental problems, involving political, economic and social aspects.

A dedicated environmental study will help us to understand how the world and its component works. If we are well aware of all these things then we can easily be able to tackle various adverse effects on the environment.

Some other importance of environmental studies include:

  • Helps us to understand the more sustainable and better way of living
  • Environmental concepts like conservation of biodiversity can easily be clarified.
  • We’ll be able to understand the efficient way preserve and use natural resources.
  • We can get to know how various organisms behave under natural conditions.
  • We can also understand the interrelationship between organisms in communities and populations.
  • Most importantly, we can educate people regarding various environmental issues and make them aware of the problems adversely affecting the environment.

Main disciplines of environmental studies

The main disciplines of environmental studies include environmental management, environmental engineering and environmental sciences.

  1. Environmental Management promotes various social and economic projects associated with the environment. Various enterprise and environment objectives and scopes are covered here which discourages forced investment.
  2. Environmental Engineering deals with the study of the protection of the environment from hazardous activities of human being. It also deals with the improvement of the quality of the environment for the betterment of humans.
  3. Environmental Science deals with the study of effects on an environmental system like air, water, and soil.

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