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Environmental Planning – An Important Aspect Of Modern Life

Why Is Environmental Planning Important?

Environmental planning is a positive process which facilitates impactful decisions associated with land development methods. The major portions which are given more considerations include natural environment, political, social, governance and economic factors. A holistic framework is provided to achieve a sustainable outcome. Environmental planning mainly aims at the creation of sustainable communities to prevent and conserve the undeveloped land.

With the help of environmental planning, the relationships between the natural and the human systems can easily be managed and maintained. The major decision-making processes regarding the above-mentioned factors are mainly dealt with environmental planning. It makes huge effort to manage and maintain all these processes in a very orderly, equitable, transparent and effective manner. This ensures beneficent of all the constituents now and later,  which are present within the systems.

Elements or areas associated with environmental planning

The environmental planning has got various elements, which helps in the practice of continuous refinement to benefit the present day environment. The main elements are as follows:

  • Economic &social development
  • Regional development
  • Urban development
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Natural resource management
  • Integrated land use
  • Governance frameworks

What is integrated environmental planning assessment?

Integrated environmental planning assessment is the ability to analyze various environmental issues and the critical and vital decision making to solve those issues. Some of the main areas that are covered with this planning assessment include land use, economic and socioeconomic characteristics, housing & transportation, noise and air pollution, flood zones susceptibility, the habitat of endangered species, the wetlands, erosion on coastal zones and visual studios.

How important is our natural surrounding?

The surrounding around us is a gift from nature. Whatever natural around us, all are priceless and very important for our survival. Plants, soils, water, rock, minerals, all help mankind in some or the other way. Plants purify water, and forests act as carbon absorber. Animals also take part in this great act. They play a vital role in the food chain. Hence, all the things, living or non-living, are responsible to protect and maintain the eco-system.

How can we maintain this?

Government is trying to preserve and protect our natural heritage. Many steps are being taken by the Government. Many rules and regulations are also been introduced. But this is not only the Government’s responsibility to do so many things, but we the citizens are also responsible for everything. If we want we can make bigger changes. We can do some of the following things:

  • Composting-Make your own compost instead of buying peat products. It’s free and can be used in the garden. The chemicals harm the environment as they get washed away with water through the drainage system
  • Use organic food-No harmful pesticides or fertilizers are used in the production of such food. Hence these foods do not enter the food chain and contaminate the habitat.
  • Do not disturb plants- Avoid treading on the plants and let them be and grow as they are.If possible take photographs of rare plants and flowers and not the sample.

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