The Universe And Its Creation, An Interesting Story

What Is the 'God Is Energy'' Theory?

The Universe is a vast space and time, collectively termed as spacetime. It contains various contents like stars, planets, galaxies, intergalactic space and some other forms of energy and matter. The size of the Universe and what is beyond that is still unknown. Also, there have been lots of theories and discussions regarding the creation of the Universe.

How did the Universe come into existence

As already said earlier there have been many theories regarding the origin of the Universe. Some of them are described below:

•   The big bang theory: This is one of the prevailing cosmological theory believed by many.
Under the theory of the big bang explosion time and space emerged together some 13.799 ± 0.021 billion years ago. When the Universe originated it emerged with a fixed amount of matter and energy that is gradually becoming less denser due to the expansion of the Universe. The Universe first expanded, then cooled down. This allowed for the formation of the first subatomic particles to simple atoms. Later through gravity giant clouds merged to form galaxies, planets, stars and many other things visible today.
•   The hologram concept: The Universe is an illusion. Sounds absurd, isn’t it? There was just a hypothesis. Many researchers now claim to have the evidence to prove this hypothesis. According to this concept, our Universe is a holographic Universe. This means that the information and time used to make up the Universe is perceived by us as a 3D reality, whereas they are stored on a 2D surface. Hence, everything we perceive is an illusion.
The idea of this illusion is similar to the concept of holograms on credit card or a 3D movie. In an ordinary hologram, a 3D image is encoded in a 2D surface. In 3D movies also an illusion of 3D objects is created from a flat 2D screen.
According to many researchers, our Universe is also a 2D surface with the 3D illusion where the 3D images projected are real and we can touch them. According to toSkenderis, “Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the Universe.”
•   The ‘God is energy’ theory: God is the creator of the Universe. This is believed in many religions and by many atheists. There’s no such evidence regarding this belief. But the main question is why do we try to rationalize God?
The fact is, we have a tendency to define anything unknown as God’s creation. It can also be added as a hypothesis. Something not yet defined, or can’t be supported by any scientific reasoning or facts are usually termed by us as God’s creation. And an unknown energy that can’t be explained is the energy of God.
Hence, it can easily be said that the God or the energy we are looking is actually hidden under the string theory or may be included in any of the unsolved mystery. So God is the energy we are looking for or God is the unknown science not yet solved.

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