Growth of Industries in Jamuria and its Consequences

Air Pollution From the Factories Located at Jamuria Industrial Area

Lying between the most famous rivers in the Paschim Bardhaman district, the Ajay, and the Damodar, Jamuria is a beautiful small town located in the industrial area of Asansol.The average distance between the rivers being around 30 km, they flow almost parallel to each other.

Earlier, due to the existence of dense forests around and high infestation with marauders and plunderers, this region was quite a dangerous area to visit for many years. But the discovery of coal in this area has completely changed the scenario. Most of the forests have been cleared, and this region turned into one of the most important industrial areas.

This area is considered as the heart of the coal mining zone. Many small to medium cement and small iron industries have been mushroomed in and around this town in recent times. This led to the increase in employment.

Harmful effects of industries in Jamuria

There are various iron and steel industries, that have been set up in this area. Some of the famous names are Calstar Sponge Ltd., Rajshri Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd., Super Smelters Ltd., Maan Steel and Power Sponge Iron Plant, etc. Although these industries have created lots of employment but have also created innumerable problems in this region. One of the major problem being pollution.

Gases released from these industries are quite harmful and toxic. These gases get mixed into the air, thereby damaging the air around. This harmful air is causing immense health problems to the people not only in this town but also around. Many people are suffering from nausea, headaches, allergic reactions, etc.

The worse part is the air quality here is measured as 136 AQI, which is not at all safe. The air quality here is quite unhealthy for the people living in this region. Persons exposed to this air on a short-term basis may get affected with emphysema and asthma, whereas individuals exposing themselves to this air for a prolonged period may get affected with chronic health issues like respiratory disease, heart disease, lung cancer, damage to the liver, kidneys, nerves or sometimes even to brains.

Hence it has become very important to curb the causes as well as effects of air pollution around Jamuria. Some measures must be taken to improve the air quality here so that people here can spend a healthier life. Otherwise, this may hamper the health of the future generations even worse. The AQI level must be reduced to a nominal range (0 to 50 is considered to be good and 51 to 100 is considered to be moderate).

Some knowledge about the AQI

The AQI or Air Quality Index helps us to understand the local air quality and what it means to your health. It’s divided into 6 categories, which are given below.

The air quality within the range

  • 0 to 50 is considered to be Good
  • 51 to 100 is considered to be Moderate
  • 101 to 150is considered to be unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
  • 151 to 200is considered to be unhealthy
  • 201 to 300 is considered to be Very Unhealthy
  • 301 to 500is considered to be hazardous

The value above 500 is considered to be Beyond the AQI.

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