United Nations Environment Programme: Objectives And Achievements

What Is About United Nations Environment Programme

The United Nations Environment Programme is an American agency that has been established in the year 1972, on 5th June with the aim of solving major environmental problems. The agency has been doing a commendable job in coordinating several environmental activities as well as helping developing nations to deal with environmental problems. The headquarters of the UNEP is situated in Nairobi in Kenya.

The mission of the United Nations Environment Programme:

The mission of UNEP is to lead and encourage other nations in being thankful and sensitive towards our mother earth. The UNEP does this by informing, inspiring and assisting other nations and their citizens to live a comfortable life without ruining things for the future generations.

UNEP focuses on and finds solutions for several environmental issues like

  • Conflicts and disasters
  • Management of the ecosystem
  • Change in climate
  • Environmental governance
  • Conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems
  • Green economy.

Functions that the UNEP perform:

These are the major functions that the UNEP has been performing since the time of its foundation:

  • Understanding and finding solutions to environmental issues that the developing countries deal with
  • Promotion of international cooperation regarding environmental problems and recommending beneficial policies
  • Collecting environmental information and educating other nations about the threats of environmental pollution as well as suggesting remedies
  • Increasing environmental awareness as well as addressing the threats that are posed to mankind by pollution
  • Development of several regional programs to protect and preserve the environment for the existing as well as the future generation
  • Helping other environmental organizations and environment ministers, especially in countries that are still developing, to make strategies and implement those plans for saving the planet from the onslaughts of pollution
  • Providing technical assistance and country-level favorable environment
  • Providing professional advice and expert guidance to its own citizens as well as the people of other countries to stop depletion of non-renewable resources of the earth, management of waste effectively and recycle of resources.
  • Contributing to the development of environmental laws globally.

Significant achievements of the UNEP:

The United Nations Environment Programme has achieved great success in several areas. These are some of the big achievements of the organization for lessening the pollution problem of our planet:

  1. The Montreal Protocol of 1987 to reduce the emission of harmful gases that thin the ozone layer is one of the achievements of the
  2. The Minamata Convention of 2012 also needs to be mentioned. It was a treaty to check toxic mercury.
  3. The organization also sponsors solar power programs. The UNEP’s solar loan program has helped 100,000 Indians set up solar power systems.
  4. In the Mid-East, the Marshland Project is also sponsored by the UNEP.
  5. There is also one programme for youths and it is called Tunza. Several projects have been included in the Tunza programme. The name may be cited of the AEO for Youth.

To know more about the United Nations Environment Programme or UNEP and it works, you can visit their official website which is

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