How Can We Deal With The Greatest Threats Of Pollution To Our Environment?

Can Earth Is Favorable Place To Live In For Our Future Generations!

We, humans, have been contaminating the air, land, and water of our planet; exploiting its resources; and scattering tons and tons of waste. Human being’s excess greed to live a quality life makes him blind to the consequences of his luxurious extravagance. The use of cars, air conditioners and industrial development are directly affecting our environment. If the massive exploitation of earth’s resources is not minimized, the earth will not at all be a favorable place to live in for our future generations.

Severe consequences of our actions

Among the most dangerous results of environmental pollution, global warming tops the list. This is expected to change the climate of several places, giving rise to lack of rainfall, reduction in the number of rainforests, unfavorable living conditions, and malnutrition. Moreover, the rate at which new buildings are constructed all over the world, soon we will be left with very scarce space for growing food crops for all. As an outcome of water pollution, 1.7 billion people cannot afford clean drinking water. Pollution is also making life miserable for wild animals and birds.

Is there any solution to the problems caused by pollution?

It is high time that we, instead of thinking only about our standard of living, do something for our future generations, wild animals, and birds as well. To solve the problems of contamination of our ecosystem, we need to focus on long-term goals instead of short-term goals.

  • Education is a must to stop polluting the environment. People need to be sufficiently educated about the solemnity of the issue of pollution and its damaging results.
  • All big nations need to be united in order to defeat the evil called pollution. Making international agreements on how to solve this worldwide problem is required.
  • The focus of citizens and nations should be in three areas: pollution, depletion of resources and management of waste. These three problems need to be dealt with separately.
  • As the number of people is increasing and resources are decreasing day by day, recycling of resources must be done on a large scale. Governments need to appoint experts who will research and invent innovative ideas for recycling.
  • Instead of finishing up the non-renewable resources of the planet, we need to increase our dependency on resources that can be renewed.
  • Initiatives should be taken to check rainforests depletion. More and more trees need to be planted.
  • Healthy competition should be there in between cities, states and nations to stop Those states that do well to check pollution should be honored. This will definitely encourage others to do the same.
  • There is also a requirement of introducing stricter environmental laws that the ones in present. It is high time that all nations revise their environmental laws based on the current critical situation.

So, people need to join hands and think, sacrifice, plan and contribute to make our mother earth a blissful abode once again- one in which all living organisms can live in complete harmony.

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