15 Amazing blogs on environmental pollution that you must follow

Blogs To Follow About Pollution

Environmental blogs are online platforms that address the serious environmental issues like pollution and create awareness among people to take such problems seriously. The best thing about spreading awareness via blogs is that its outreach is wider and therefore, millions of inhabitants of the earth can read those blogs and be enlightened. Students, corporate workers, housewives, and people from all sections of the society access the internet more than reading newspapers or watching TV. Therefore, these blogs are a medium of connecting with more people from all corners of the world.

Here is a list of the most amazing blogs on pollution that educate and inspire individuals on the need to protect and preserve our earth and its resources:

1. Grist
This blog has a large number of followers for delivering information about the environment and climatic changes with accuracy. In this site, you can read several good articles on environmental pollution written by multiple authors.

2. The Cleanest Line
This travel website shows people various places all over the world and mentions simple ways of reducing pollution.

3. Treehugger
Treehugger is another popular blog to get news on the environment and its pollution.

4. The Zero-Waste Chef
This lifestyle blog provides readers information about how a cook can be environmentally conservative in the face of massive pollution of the environment.

5. Seeker: Earth
If you are looking for scientific articles on contamination of air, water, and land, visit this website.

6. BBC: Earth Blog
In this website, you will come to know how beautiful the earth and its species are. But, this does not mean that they do not discuss catastrophic environmental problems caused by humans.

7. Yale Environment 360
In Yale Environment 360, you can read interesting news articles on diverse environmental topics.

8. Green Biz
What makes Green Biz different from other blogs is the fact that it is a leading environmental business blog.

9. Mother Nature Network
MNN is extremely popular and Time has labeled it as “The Green CNN.” At least 10 million sessions are generated by them every month.

10. Inhabitat
This weblog deals several environmental topics like waste management, traveling green and recycling.

11. The New York Times: Green
This blog publishes well-researched articles on environmental conservation, exploitation of environment’s resources and other equivalent topics.

12. World Wide Fund Global
This blog tries to enlighten people about environment-friendly ways of livelihood for the sake of conservation of marine life, wildlife, forests etc.

13. Mindful Momma
It is the best blog for mothers and families who are interested in living in an entirely eco-friendly way, contributing as less to pollution as possible.

14. Clean Technica
Since 2008, Clean Technica has been raising awareness on energy efficiency, storage of energy, climate change, nuclear power, hydropower, solar power, wind power, clean transport etc.

15. Mother Jones
The site teaches people the importance of social justice as well as its intimate connection with environmental issues. It also keeps people informed about the companies that cause excess pollution.

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