How Would the Environment of the World be in the next Century?

What Will Environment Be Like In 100 Years?

World today is living on the edge of disappearance. Disappearance means in terms of pollution. Pollution is the major problem that is leading the environment to stake.If traveling in time was possible then we could have seen some extraordinary view. Like a fresh painting of Monalisa,or the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower,or white marbles of  Taj Mahal.

Factors that will bring about drastic changes in the life of humans:

Some of the major causes of drastic change in the environment are listed below:

  1. Emission of carbon particles:

The biggest problem is the emission of carbon particles into the atmosphere. Due to this adverse effect temperature in the atmosphere would rise. Further affecting the water level in the oceans to increase.About one-third of the atmospheric carbon dioxide is absorbed by the oceans. This causes the ocean to become warm and thus making it more acidic in nature.

  1.  Shortage in drinking water:

Due to increase in impure particles in the environment,it is slowly getting absorbed in all the water bodies. This will make the water impure further making it unsuitable for drinking. Time will come and thus we must start acting now or else a bitter environment is waiting for us.

  1.    Depletion of the coral reefs:

If this change in climatic conditions keeps on taking place,then that day is not so far when all the world’s coral reefs are going to eradicate. As per report,most of the tropical coral reefs are being threatened.

  1.  Improper family planning:

Due to improper family planning,scarcity of natural resources are going to take place in the near future. Proper planning is very essential. Only one child per family must be the limit.It must not exceed more than that.

  1.  Possession of extraordinary powers:

At 22nd century humans would have the supreme power of manipulating planetary energy to control global climatic conditions. Freeman Dyson,an physicist,in other language states that the civilization would leap to type 1 within the next 200 years approximately.

  1.  Involvement of machines in daily activities:

There will be a day in the future when life will become easier for all of us. Machines will be there in all of our’s home. A machine for cooking, a machine for sweeping, a machine for cleaning etc. Further a machine to think for us, to take decisions for us. In short machine will do every tits and bits for us. We have to just sit idle and wish about the past when life was not such instrumented. We will become lazy and inactive day by day. We will be sole responsible for every little thing. We will then understand that machines have become curse to us rather than being a boon.

The bleak future:

Life would be more rough in the next 100 years since every sphere of it would change. Scarcity of drinking water , scarcity of living place, scarcity of fresh water-all, implementation of machines-of these sums up to a bitter environment for us. Time is all set. We need to buck up. Else the next generation is going to see the dark world.

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