Importance of Snakes and How to Prevent Them?

Snakes are Among the Least Popular of Animals

Snakes have intimidated and fascinated human beings since the old ages. But, they also have a major role to play in the maintenance of ecological balance. This article will enlighten you about the importance of snakes in our environment and how human beings can save snake.

Snakes reside in all continents of the Earth and vary in size depending on their types. In India, four poisonous snake species are found.

When do snakes attack?

The eyesight and the ability to hear are very poor in snakes. They attack if they are hungry. Otherwise, when they spot humans they try to escape out of fright. If they find no time to escape, they end up attacking. Biologists are of the opinion that if you witness a snake, the best thing you can do is leaving the creature alone.

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How are snakes useful to us?

Many people have the wrong notion that all types of snakes are dangerous and therefore, kill them. Just as we fear them, they also fear us and try to maintain distance with us. Therefore, it is not at all required to kill a snake the moment we spot one. On the contrary, they give us several important reasons to leave them unharmed.

Snakes are extremely valuable for the conservation of several ecosystems and biodiversity. They play multiple complex roles as prey and as predators. Snakes are useful to us in ways more than one.

  • Save snake as snakes prey on pests like mice and rats and thus help human beings as well as maintain ecological balance. For instance, a black snake eats several dozens of mice and rats in a year. This is the reason why the Vietnamese biologists have introduced snakes that eat rats in order to protect the harvested grain.
  • Small snakes like hunt garter snakes and green snakes feed on insects.
  • The poison of a snake is extremely useful in treating several types of human diseases. It treats major diseases like cancer in humans and thus saves the lives of lakhs of people in a year. Antivenin to cure the poisonous effect of snake bite is also prepared from snake’s venom.
  • In India, people keep certain harmless snakes as lucky charms as they are believed to keep away deadly cobras.

Conservation initiatives for saving snakes

In the past few years, people are becoming more aware of the importance of saving snakes. 16th July has been selected as World Snake Day to build awareness about the necessity of protecting this elusive reptile. World Snake Day serves as a tool for educating and informing people about the right way of dealing with snakes.

How can you contribute to saving snakes?

As an individual, you can contribute to saving snakes in the following ways:

  • You can visit any Wildlife Action Center that aims to protect snakes and send your message to the government
  • Adopting a snake symbolically is a great way to save snake.
  • You can become a wildlife defender by joining one of those organizations.

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