How to Save Your Kids from the Health Damages Caused by Air Pollution

Avoid the Polluted Air and to Protect Kids from Air Pollution

It is a matter of general knowledge nowadays that the environment we are living in is highly polluted. Because of the higher level of air pollution, it has now become necessary to protect kids from air pollution.

The problem is being faced worldwide by countries like the UK, India, China, and many others. The level of nitrogen dioxide is higher than ever in the air around us.  Apart from that the particulate matters, smog, ozone, sulfur oxides pollute the air as well. As a result, the inhabitants of these countries, especially children are exposed to serious threat regarding their health. This is damaging the respiratory systems of the children. As result, there is a possibility that the lungs of children might not be grown even fully! So, it has become necessary to save the children from the polluted atmosphere.

It is true that it is hard to have a clean air for breathing nowadays. However, there are some simple steps which can be taken to at least avoid the polluted air and to protect kids from air pollution.

1. Indoor is better and a clean indoor atmosphere goes a long way: What is the most obvious measure to avoid air pollution? Of course to stay far away. Outdoors should be avoided at least during the busiest times. Limiting the outdoor exposure of children to the utmost essential activities is also a way to protect the kids. Also, keep the indoors clean and with the use of heavy curtains try to avoid the home air from being polluted.

2. Watch when you are cooking: Cooking causes a serious level of air pollution due to the emission of gases. Thus it is necessary to ensure the ventilation process of the kitchen first and to keep the kids away from the kitchen while cooking. The use of oils such as sunflower oil which has higher smoke points can be used as well in order to reduce the emission of smoke.

3. Smoking is injurious to not only yours but your child’s health: This is a matter of general knowledge that smoking is harmful. Doesn’t matter if you are smoking indoor or outdoor, there are chances you are carrying the pollutant particles with you.

4. Follow the news: The level of pollution varies regularly depending upon the weather. Thus it is good to remain updated and avoid exposing the kids to the polluted places.

5. Air mask is a necessity: If used regularly, air masks can be proved to be helpful. These masks are usually cotton made and are designed in such a way as they cover the portion of the nose and the lower part of the face. They are tremendously effective to keep the dust and other polluting particles away. There are air masks which give protection even to the bacteria.

Applying these simple measures we can easily protect kids from air pollution. True, the urbanization and the technologically advanced lifestyle do not allow us to have a world fully free of pollution. But, it is also necessary to avoid the polluted surrounding to try to give the children a better atmosphere to breathe in.

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Ashesh is a social worker, author and member of Nature Talkies.

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