Decorate your House with Tree Plants and Fight Air Pollution

The Pollution is no more Limited to the Outside World Anymore

Each and every one of us is dealing with a world which is highly polluted. There are many measures which are being taken nowadays to fight air pollution. However, the most effective one is undoubtedly the tree plantation. The use of indoor plants has been proved to be an extremely valuable weapon to fight against air pollution.

The pollution is no more limited to the outside world anymore. The indoor air is as well polluted. The materials that are being used in the modern process of house construction produce various elements that pollute the indoor air. Thus even though we stay home to remain safe from air pollution we are exposed to threat anyways. In this situation, indoor tree plants come to the rescue. Various indoor tree plants not only serve for the purpose of decoration but they are effective to absorb to clean the air as well. According to the research results by NASA, there are certain plants the help in purifying the indoor air. According to the reports stated by NASA, indoor plants may absorb harmful gases nearly 85%. Thus, these indoor plants are extremely effective to provide a clean indoor atmosphere.

Thus indoor tree plantation is really effective not only to decorate the house but to make it a place to breathe safely as well. They clean pollutants like ammonia, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene, and others. The list of plants which help clean the indoor air is long.

  • Spider Plant- Chlorophytum, which is widely known as Spider plant is undoubtedly a well-known choice as an indoor tree plant. With its rich foliage and beautiful white flowers, it is eye soothing to look at. Not only does it decorate the home but removes various air pollutants mentioned before as well.
  • Golden Pothos- Golden Pothos or Epipremnum aureum grows best in shade. This plant is extremely helpful to purify the air from pollutants like formaldehyde. However, being poisonous one should place this plant away from children and pets.
  • Peace Lily- The science book name for Peace Lily is Spathiphyllum. This plant is very popular as an indoor plant. It can remove toxic air pollutants like benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene.
  • Flamingo Lily- The scientific name goes like Anthurium andraeanum. This plant moisturizes the air. It also is effective in absorbing pollutants like xylene. Not only does it absorb pollutants but converts them as well into substances that are harmless.
  • Mother-in-Law’s tongue- Sansevieria is a plant which can grow in any location and any condition. As an indoor plant, it is highly effective for its ability to remove various pollutants from the air. During the night time, it also does absorb the carbon dioxide present in the air and alters it with oxygen.

These are only a few of the many indoor plants effective to clean the indoor air. It is true, that the indoor air cannot be cleaned entirely using these plants. But indoor tree plantation undoubtedly acts as an aid to provide us with a clean indoor air to breathe in.

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