All You Need to Know About the Beautiful Royal Poinciana

The Scientific Name of Royal Poinciana is Delonix Regia

Royal poinciana is a type of flowering plant belonging to the family Fabaceae and subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is known for its extravagant display of flowers and its fern-like leaves and is one of the most gorgeous tropical trees all over the world. In several tropical zones of the world, the Royal poinciana is grown. The scientific name of Royal Poinciana is Delonix regia. It’s another popular name is the flame tree. Read the complete article to know more about this ornamental tree.

The nomenclature of the flame trees dates back to the early 17th century. They have derived their name from the French Governor, namely, Phillipe de Longviliers de Poincy. Most probably, this French Governor is the person who introduced the people of America to the Delonix regia trees.

The flame tree is commonly propagated through seeds. In the spring season, this suitably named tree is seen producing striking flame-like yellow, orange or scarlet flowers. The flowers are big-sized, with petals of almost 8 cm. Each leaf is of 30cm to 50cm with 20 pairs to 40 pairs of leaflets. Apart from its ornamental value, the tree also offers cool shade because of its modest height.

How much time is taken by the flamboyant seeds for growth?
The seeds of tropical Royal poinciana tree require a long time for germination. Sometimes, it can take almost a year to germinate. However, there are some amazing ways of speeding up the process of germination. For instance, if you chip the seed coat, the seed germinates fast as the water easily penetrates the seed when it is devoid of the seed coat. This process is known as scarification.

The growth rate of the Royal poinciana trees
Usually, the growth rate of the flame trees is quite fast. The tree grows actively in all of the seasons. Its average rate of growth is 5 feet in a year.

Time is taken by the Royal poinciana flower to bloom
For a Royal poinciana tree that has been newly planted, it can take as long as five years to produce flowers. There are even reports of some flame trees that have produced flowers after 12 long years or even more. In order to avoid waiting for a flame tree to bloom, it is better to buy one that has already been flowering.

Habitat and distribution
Royal poinciana owes its origin to the dry deciduous forests of Madagascar. But, over the years, it has been planted in several sub-tropical and tropical regions worldwide. You can find this beautiful flowering plant in The Bahamas, Philippines, Guam, Virgin Islands, Canary Islands, Israel, Sydney, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and several other places. The tree can also be found in several states of India like West Bengal and Odisha. In India, Royal poinciana is referred to as Gulmohar, the Mayflower tree. The tree sheds its leaves in places where dry seasons remain for a long period of time. In other places, it is an evergreen tree.

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