Global Warming Solutions

Let us Join Hands and do Something

Global warming is one such problem that every country is worrying about and every individual is suffering from. At present, it has become one of the greatest concerns of mankind. It is high time that we take it seriously and find out effective ways of fighting it. Read the complete article to find out how to battle global warming.

In the year 2006, California passed the Global Warming Solutions Act, 2006. The state government of California found it necessary to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in order to reduce the heating up of the planet.

Let us learn about some of the best global warming solutions:

  1. Driving electric vehicles- For slowing down global warming, several companies are introducing electric bikes, trains, and cars. If the majority of the people start driving electric cars and bikes, it will be easier for us to fight heating up of our precious planet.
  2. Protecting forests– One of the best ways of dealing with global warming is by protecting the tropical forests of the world. So, nations need to take initiatives to prevent cutting down of trees for building smart cities.
  3. Reducing the releasing of carbon dioxide- Governments should take action in lessening the liberation of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is our climate’s biggest enemy. We all know that the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil releases carbon dioxide. Power plants should also lessen carbon pollution for the benefit of the future generations.
  4. Putting the environment first- Global warming is a major threat. But, can we deny that is the outcome of human being’s unhealthy and destructive relationship to the environment? If we want to do something now, we need to prioritize the environment above everything else.

What is our duty as a responsible citizen?

Each one of us can contribute to preventing the rate at which our earth is warming up. There are several global warming solutions that we can practice at home and teach our children. Here are some easy, effective ways in which every person can prevent global warming:

  1. Rely on renewable energy- Depend on renewable energy to some extent like solar energy.
  2. Reduce waste of water- If you save water, you are reducing carbon pollution. The reason is that a lot of energy is wasted in pumping, heating and treating water.
  3. Switch to better bulbs- LED lightbulbs consumes far less energy than cheap bulbs. Replace your traditional bulb with an energy-saving one.
  4. Useless devices- We use a wide range of electronic appliances in our homes like a washing machine, television, vacuum cleaner, heater, and air conditioner. We need to turn them off when they are not in use.

We need to remember that if we dream of a healthier, greener world, all of us have a role to play. It is in our hands to eliminate or at least reduce pollution as well as practices that are causing global warming. If we want our planet to heal from the damages caused by our activities, we cannot just sit idle and expect the government to take action. Rather, let us join hands and do something.

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