Major Global Environmental Issues Faced by the Planet Earth

We Can not Afford to Neglect the Serious Environmental Issues Anymore.

The environment we live in is changing constantly. As the environment is undergoing changes, we also need to be more aware of its problems. There are various kinds of weather patterns, cooling and warming periods, natural disasters and several other environmental issues that demand our attention. People, all over the world, are facing the consequences of changes in our environment.

Environmental issues are basically harmful effects of the activities of human beings on our environment. At present, the major environmental problems are pollution, climate change, resource depletion, global warming, habitat destruction, water scarcity, environmental degradation, health problems, and food shortage.

  1. Pollution

Pollution of land, air, and water are some of the environmental issues that have serious effects on the lives of all creatures living on this planet. Motor vehicle exhausts and industries are the major pollutants. While oil spill, urban runoff, and acid rain pollute water, toxins and gases released by factories and industries pollute the air. Industrial wastes mainly pollute the soil.

  1. Climate change and Global warming

We are responsible for alterations in the climate like global warming. Human practice of emitting greenhouse gases is the main reason behind global warming. The temperatures of the earth’s oceans are rising and the ice caps of the Polar Regions are melting because of global warming. The world is about to witness desertification, excessive snow and flash floods.

  1. Depletion of resources

Depletion of the earth’s natural resources is one of the most important global environmental issues. We have consumed the majority of the natural resources. So, the resources we are leaving for the future generations are not sufficient.

  1. Deforestation

Forests produce oxygen that we need to survive. They also absorb carbon dioxide. They regulate rainfall and temperature. At present, 30 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with forests. But, deforestation still continues on a large scale. We need to stop cutting down trees for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

  1. Depletion of the Ozone Layer

The invisible ozone layer that protects the planet from harmful UV rays of the sun is thinning. The reason is pollution caused by CFCs. This is another current environmental issue.

  1. Urban sprawl- People living in cities are migrating from big cities to rural areas. This results in the spreading of cities over more rural land. This is called urban sprawl. Its effects are land degradation, environmental issues, increased traffic and also major health problems.
  2. Waste disposal- Waste disposal is a big problem at present. Developed countries produce excess garbage but there is no place left to dump those wastes.

So, after reading this article, you must have understood that we cannot afford to neglect the serious environmental issues anymore. It is our responsibility to take initiatives to solve the global environmental problems. The abovementioned issues, if not taken seriously, are going to make survival impossible for humans and all other creatures living on the earth. It is not in our hands to prevent the ozone layer from shrinking. But, we can raise awareness and contribute to making the environment a friendly place to reside by making some simple lifestyle changes.

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Bratati Roy

Bratati is an author, member and social worker of Nature Talkies.

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