7-Degree Fahrenheit Increase in Global Temperature is Inevitable, Scientists Warn

Increase In Global Temperature is Inevitable according to a New Study

A recent study reveals that earth’s climate is likely to be more sensitive to the increasing levels of greenhouses gases than predicted. That means an increase in global temperature is inevitable.

According to scientists, it’s the vision of a future that is so apocalyptic, and it’s hard for anyone to imagine. However, if the scientists presenting their research findings on some of the top academic and science journals are right, our home – planet earth – might be on a course for the increase in temperature for seven or more degrees Celsius within decades and centuries to come.

And this, according to some of the world’s top climatologists, could mean ‘game over’ especially if political leaders, climate experts, policymakers, and policy analysts don’t create effective global warming solutions. Scientists have been trying to work out how the global climate is likely to react over the next few decades to the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases humans have been pumping and probably continue to add to the atmosphere.

A report released by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reveals some disturbing facts about global warming. If humans carry on with their usual activities such as the use of fossil fuel that produce more greenhouse gases, the global temperature is likely to rise by 2.6 to 4.8 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial world temperature level by 2100. This prediction was made in 2016.

Could this be an underestimate?

According to a post published on Washington Post September 28th, 2018, the government has accepted it as inevitable. Research several years ago by an international team of climate experts who analyzed how planet earth has reacted over the last 800,000 years warns that the 4 degrees Celsius increase could be an underestimate. These experts believe that the world’s climate is more sensitive to the impact of greenhouse gases when it’s warmer.

In a post published in the Science Advances journal, these experts revealed that the actual increase in world temperature level could range between 4.78 C and 7.36 C by 2100. Most people have ignored this warning. The world continues to burn fossil fuels relentlessly despite the current impacts of global warming. What’s more, greenhouse gas emissions are still going up despite the 1C rise in thermometer readings since the early 1880s.

According to Professor Michael Mann from Penn State University in the United States, these new research findings are an indicator that humans need to create effective global warming solutions or President Trump’s presidency and other rulers who don’t recognize climate change could be ‘game over for the global climate.’ That simply means game over for stabilizing (keeping) the level of global warming below the dangerous level (2C).

Currently, our home (planet earth) is undergoing a gradual increase in temperature level. Any future predictions about climate change should take into account the climate sensitivity. And the bottom line is, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions is the only way to save our home. This should happen as soon as possible.

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  1. The technoscientific age we are which is gearing towards one of Yuval Noah Hararis predictions of the destinies of man is man becoming god – homo deus. For him a new religion will emerge- dataism as against theism or atheism. This is a kind of futurism. The role of the futurist or transhumanist is to eradicate some of the outdated scientific discoveries which are now dangerous to human existence. Now Anne Kamwila is calling to our consciousness not to take passive the scientific warnings about climate change. By that she means countries should be truly involved in green energy so as to alleviate man from the foreseen and unforeseen circumstances that climate change will bring about. Thanks so much Anne for waking some of us from our dogmatic slumber.

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