Effects of Air Pollution on the Old People and How to tackle it

Air Pollution Affect Old People and What should be done

The health-related effects of air pollution are severe on older people than young people. Read on to understand how older individuals are affected and what you can do about it.

The advancements medical field and better ways of living are some of the reasons people live longer, and that means older people are making up an increasing fraction of the world population. According to epidemiological evidence, older-age-related health challenges affect an expanding proportion of the global population. Air pollution is among the top epidemiological trend, and it affects more old people than young people according to air pollution facts published by professionals.

Note that elderly individuals have a higher risk of losing their lives after short-term exposure to varying levels of particulate air pollution. According to a study carried out by the Harvard University, the levels of air pollution associated with deaths (as of 2017) were below the current United States health standards created by the EPA 9Environmental Protection Agency. The impacts, according to the study, were disproportionately worse for black people, poor, and women.

Why air pollution affects old people more than young people

The strike against most old people when it comes to air pollution is that they have been living longer than young people and breathed in more unhealthy particles. Well, this isn’t the case for everyone. There are young people who are exposed to more air pollution than old ones. However, the general truth is that old people have ‘dirtier’ lungs, and that makes them more prone to respiratory difficulties.

Besides, the elderly have weak immune. As your body gets physically weaker, so does all the other body systems. With the drop in physical vigor, your body’s hormone levels drop, the healing process takes longer than expected, and your body’s immune system will always struggle with bacteria or germs it once dispatched with ease. Truly, this is the primary reason an unhealthy pollution index will simply cause minor discomforts for an athlete, but senior citizens are advised to remain indoors.

As you age and your body becomes weaker when it comes to filtering and disposing of air pollution, your heart and lungs become weak too and prone to diseases. Whenever the pollution index is higher than the recommended level, these diseases can worsen. Studies and air pollution facts collected research centers suggest that as the particulate air pollution goes up, the number of senior citizens being rushed into hospital emergency rooms will increase too.

Tackling the impact of air pollution on the elderly

So, what can we do to keep unhealthy air from bringing older folks down?

It’s advisable for the elderly to be aware of all health concerns they may have and can be worsened by air pollution. Simple fever shouldn’t be an issue for a grandpa as over the counter medication can be a solution. However, COPD and emphysema are entirely different matters. Whenever the pollution index exceeds the recommended level, it’s advisable for all senior citizens and those battling with respiratory difficulties to stay indoors. These warnings shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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