All Information about Fossil Fuels like Coal, Oil and Gas

Fossil Fuels Severely Affects the Environment

A fossil fuel is basically a fuel that is formed by some natural processes like anaerobic decomposition of dead and decomposer organisms. The age of these organisms and the fossil fuels that resulted from them age millions of years, sometimes even more than 650 million years. Read the complete article to know more about fossil fuels.

Georgius Agricola is the first person to state that fossilized remnants of dead plants resulted in the formation of fossil fuels. As they are actually the remnants of living things, The carbon content in fossil fuels is quite high. They also contain natural gas, petroleum, and coal. Other common derivatives of fossil fuels include propane and kerosene.

The greatest problem with fossil, fuel’s use is that raises major environmental concerns. The reason is that every year fossil fuels are known for producing 21.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. Natural processes, at present, are capable of absorbing only 50 percent of the carbon dioxide produced annually. So, the result is global warming.

History of fossil fuels

People have been utilizing fossil fuels since 3,000 to 5,000 years. Coal’s earliest use dates back to the country, China, almost 3000 years from now. Chinese folks were of the opinion that coal was basically a magical stone and they used it for smelting copper. Oil’s use started in Egypt. Egyptians used oil for medicinal purposes like healing wounds. Native Americans used it of the same reason and also for waterproofing canoes. Natural gas was initially used in Iran for fire worship. Men have also used it for centuries for generating heat.

Why is the conservation of fossil fuels important?

Coal, oil, and gas are the fossil fuels. Although they have formed from processes that are natural, fossil fuels are among the non-renewable resources. Many people depend on these fuels as sources of energy. People use these for cooking, heating homes and creating electricity.

Usage of fossil foils at present

In modern times, we use fossil fuels for several purposes other than cooking and heating. Coal is necessary for the production of cement, steel, glass, and pottery. Apart from being an important lighting and heating source, we also use oil for producing gasoline that powers the engines of our motor vehicles. Homes in most parts of the U.S. depend on natural gas to cook, heat and light their apartments. So, fossil fuels are greatly important and we need to conserve coal, oil, and gas.

Alternatives to the fossil fuels

Here are the alternative forms of energy that we can use in place of fossil fuels:

  1. Wind power
  2. Hydroelectric power
  3. Solar power

We may conclude by saying that at present the world’s 85 percent population depend on fossil fuels. Even if we ignore the fact that burning of fossil fuels severely affects the environment, we cannot neglect the fact that it is a finite source and therefore, is bound to be depleted. So, we need to rely on the inexhaustible sources of energy. The best part about these sources is that they do not emit harmful gases.

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