The Relationship between Sustainable Development, Ecology and Environment

Know the Matters of the Environment and Ecology.

The word ‘sustainable development’ has become immensely popular as a global term in the past few years. The reason is ecological understanding that man is trying to achieve at present. This development of ecological understanding is taking place at national, international and local levels not only among environmental organizations and communities but also among Nation-States and also Governments.

How are the terms ecology, sustainable development, and environment connected?

Ecology establishes the interactions and relationships between the organisms of the earth and their environment. So, ecology has a close connection with sustainable development. This is because the focus of sustainable development is not just on environmental problems. It also deals with the preservation of all the natural systems and faces economic and social challenges.

Ecology and its types

Ecology involves understanding the way in which organisms relate with one another and with the environment. These are the main types of ecology:

Why is ecology important?

When it comes to ecology and environment, these are the reasons that make ecology extremely important:

  1. It helps in the conservation of our environment
  2. It enhances conservation of energy
  3. It ensures proper allocation of the earth’s resources
  4. It makes people aware of the environment they live in and promote eco-friendliness
  5. It also aids in pest and disease control.

The abovementioned points clearly establish the intimate connection between ecology and environment.

In order to ensure environmental sustainability, it is mandatory to achieve fixed patters of sustainable development. This also brings into consideration the need to preserve the natural ecosystems’ productive capacity for the world’s future generations. Till the year 1980, in most countries of the world, it was not considered that ecology is a significant element of sustainable development planning. The reason is that people did not consider it a serious issue.

As far as the utilization of the resources of nature is concerned, the present period in the history of human civilization is in stark contrast with the earlier one. Ever intensifying and expanding agricultural and industrial production has increased demands for resources. Development interventions aim at commercialization of the natural resources.

Development demands the usage of resources. This leads to narrowing down of the earth’s natural resources. Development also ends up destroying the basic ecological processes that renew the natural resources supporting life on this planet. If we want development to be sustainable, we need it to be sensitive towards the social, ecological, economic and cultural factors of the non-living and living resource base, and also the short-term and the long-term advantages as well as disadvantages.

At present, the earth is facing severe problems due to the explosion of human population, pollution, poverty, political manipulation, and inequality. As the dangers of climate change and global warming become evident, it becomes clear that the anthropological view of humans towards the environment is not going to help the environment heal. Therefore, in the past few years, people’s perspective has changed on matters of the environment and ecology.

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