How to Save Mother Earth, for the Sake of Life

A life Saving Question is How to Save a Life

The beautiful planet Earth is the only planet where there is life as discovered yet. We are the children of this planet. Mother planet is nourishing us with all her natural resources. As humans are becoming more civilized and modern they are disturbing the natural resources of the earth for their own use. We are actually destroying our own future and our existence on this beautiful planet.

Humans are the main culprits who are responsible for destroying the balance and resources of nature. Humans are using and mostly misusing the gifts of nature. A day has come where only due to our sins we are bound to drink polluted water, inhale the air which is full of pollution; our food is full of harmful chemicals and pesticides. As the result, our body is full of toxic products and we are suffering from various diseases. Deforestation contributes a lot to the imbalance of nature.

Modernization has a black side too. As the effect of the same one of the most important layer of atmosphere, the ozone layer has a hole which is not repairable and pass toxic u v rays of sunlight Global warming is another bad effect of the harsh activity to nature and natural resources. All the sea levels are rising day by day, Ice caps of both the south pole and north pole are melting

A life-saving question in recent times is how to save mother earth – how to save a life. It is high time to emphasize on the topic that how to save mother earth. Some small changes in our day to day life can contribute huge beneficial changes to the environment.

Many of us think that it takes a lot of effort to be an active part in protecting and serving the environment. This is not the reality. The very small contribution of each and every individual of the planet has a great impact on saving our mother earth. We should think we are not only doing this for the environment we need to do this for our own life our future generation. Above all, we must keep the natural balance from all aspects. There are some easy and small ways we can incorporate in our daily habit to save our mother planet.

  • Initiative for tree plantation and caring plants
  • Not to waste electricity or water
  • Using recyclable products instead of plastic bags
  • Using the proper waste management technique
  • We can use public transport or shared transport to save fuel use
  • Saving wildlife balance by restricting the poacher and illegal suppliers.
  • Initiative to paperless industry and wise use of paper can mark a note on deforestation.
  • Using natural fertilizers.

From the birth of the civilization mother nature of this beautiful planet has given us many things now it’s our turn to repay the debt. We need to be very careful about not to disturb any natural things and should abide by the rules of nature. We should keep it in our mind that earth is for all the animals and humans beings living here.

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Lata Bhattacharjee

Lata is an Editor of Nature Talkies and a blogger, mom and freelance writer.

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