Extinct Tigers-A Real Threat to the Environment

Wildlife Laws that Intend to Protect this Gorgeous Creature

Tiger is our national animal. It has its own charm. The majestic attitude of the tiger makes it different from the other animals. But with the growing civilization, we are now unable to retain this wonderful resource. This is a big problem to becoming almost extinct tigers with every passing day.

The main cause of the extinction of tigers is unrestricted hunting. Rapid hunting is leading this rare species to extinction. We should immediately stop illegal hunting and implement strong punishment against it. Laws are already there but most of the time those are overlooked.

Another cause of tiger extinction is the rapid growth of civilization. To make towns and buildings we are destroying the forest rapidly. Forests are the home of tigers. So because of this many tigers are coming out from the jungle in search of food and several unpleasant incidents are happening and as the result of these, the Tigers are being killed for the safety of human beings.

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Other than these few more causes of tiger extinction include degradation of habitats, illegal wildlife trade, the man-animal conflict which is the most common issue, poor genetic diversity, lack of protection and infrastructure and also the rush of tourists. If these problems can be solved there is a chance to save the few numbers of tigers which are still there.

Tigers are now an endangered species. Earlier in the 19th century, the number of tigers were approximately 100000 but recently the number dropped down to only 3500. This is because of several reasons. Tigers play a very important role in maintaining the ecological balance. So the ecological balance of the environment is also getting hampered because of the extinct tiger process.

Mainly three subspecies of tigers have already become extinct from the world. The three subspecies are Balinese tigers, Javan tigers and the other one is Caspian tigers. We are now unable to appreciate the vicious beauty of these types of tigers. They have become extinct almost 3 decades ago. The reason for the extinction of these particular types of tigers is the uncontrolled inhabitant of human beings.

To maintain the ecological balance we must take certain steps to save tigers. Many organizations are really trying very hard to save this endangered species from being extinction. To save the tiger first the human beings should be aware enough. Human beings have to understand the worth of tiger first. To maintain a perfect ecological balance each animal has its contribution. So human beings also have to understand the contribution of the tiger. The extinct tiger is a dangerous threat to the environment.

Now it is the high time to keep the tigers away from human beings rather than keeping them in the sanctuaries or in any zoo. The protection of this animal is really very important. Only a group of concerned people cannot save the species. We all have to work together. The proper campaign should be done. And most importantly a group of efficient volunteer must be there to do the work properly.

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