Jim Corbett National Park makes for an Enjoyable Vacation Amidst Nature

Jim Corbett National Park and it was given as a Tribute to the Great Man

Jim Corbett National Park on reaching adulthood, Jim Corbett was a colonel with the British Army. While on duty he killed many man-eating leopards and tigers that were notorious for preying on the residents in villages of the Garhwal region. He turned his attention to wildlife photography and started making people aware of the importance of preserving wildlife in India. His efforts enabled the establishment of a national reserve for protecting the Bengal tiger.

Initially, this park was given the name of “Hailey National Park.”  Jim Corbett passed away in the year of 1955 and the Hailey National Park was renamed in 1957.

The new name Jim Corbett National Park and it was given as a tribute to the great man. At present, this park is amongst India’s premium wildlife destinations.

What can you expect to see here?

It is a fact that the park was the foremost in the Project Tiger program. Wildlife that you will commonly see at the Jim Corbett National Park includes

  • Sloth bears
  • Wild elephants (between 200 and 300 are present in the reserve)
  • Rhesus macaques
  • Langurs,
  • Schools of otters
  • Peacocks

The forest also features several sorts of deer that include sambars, chital, barking deer, and hog deer. You will also spot crocodiles, gharials, leopards, monitor lizards, jackals, and wild boars.

Those of you who’re wildlife enthusiasts planning a tour of this park can reach it easily. You can reach it:

By Air – Pantnagar Airport is the airport that is the nearest to it. One can rent a taxi from this airport for going to the national park. Few other nearby airports are Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow, and Chandigarh.

By Rail – The railhead that is the closest to this Park is the Ramnagar Railway Station. Its distance from the park is approximately 10 km.

By Road – This Park is well connected to several major cities in India by road. Tourists can avail private and public buses for commuting to this Park.

There are several reasons why you must go over to this superb national Park in Uttarakhand.

This National Park is the oldest in India

Jim Corbett National Park

Set up in 1836, this park is the nation’s India’s oldest park of the kind. It’s also the foremost park in the nation in the Project Tiger program. The program has made a great impact on the preservation of the tiger population in the nation.

It features an amazing selection of flora and fauna

  • 488 diverse plant species have been documented in this park.
  • It has nearly 586 species of local and migratory birds.
  • It has Bengal tigers, deer, leopards, otters, sloth bears, Indian grey mongoose, pangolins, owls, langurs, and several other wildlife species.

As wildlife preservation and Ecotourism are the park’s main focus the wildlife lovers find it all the more noteworthy and alluring.

Amongst the finest places for spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger

Watching the Royal Bengal tiger in the natural habitat is a magical experience. In hardly any other places in India will you be able to experience the way a tiger resides in the wild.

Besides its abundance of lush greenery and picturesque beauty, it’s surrounded by really charming destinations due to its superb location in Nainital. If you don’t want the old weekend getaway places, you ought to give this park a try. You will understand that it has the whole lot that other lovely tourist spots have to offer and a great deal more. This is your top bet for a revitalizing, peaceful vacation in the midst of nature and wildlife!

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