Kaziranga National Park – A Paradise for Nature Lovers and Wildlife Aficionados

A Protected area in the Northeast Indian State of Assam

Kaziranga national park in the state of Assam’s Golaghat and Nagaon districts. Several songs, books, and documentaries have been based on it. It was established as a reserve forest in 1905. It has more than a few attractions and is amongst the most popular sanctuaries in India and the world over.

It is a guarded part in Assam, a state in Northeast India. Covering the floodplains of “Brahmaputra River” its woodlands, grasslands, and wetlands have elephants, tigers, and the most number of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses. You will see Ganges River dolphins swimming in the waters of the park.

The name is Kaziranga National Park and we will discuss some of its features.

The story behind the great number of one-horned rhinoceros that is present here

The 430 square kilometer of the Kaziranga National Park houses about 2/3rd of the total number of one-horned rhinoceros worldwide.

History has it that when Mary Curzon went down to the park for seeing Indian one-horned rhinoceros, not even one came into view. She then convinced her husband to take measures for protecting the diminishing species. He acquiesced by starting off planning for their defense.

The park is renowned for its wildlife conservation activities

What are the fauna specialties of the sanctuary?

Besides the great number of one-horned rhinoceros, the place has several fauna features.

  • The sanctuary is the breeding place for wild water buffalo, elephants, and swamp deer.
  • With time, the number of tigers has also gone up. This is the reason for Kaziranga being proclaimed as a Tiger Reserve in the year of 2006.
  • BirdLife International has also recognized the sanctuary as a vital Bird Area because of its preservation of avifaunal species. Among the lesser birds that migrate here from Central Asia throughout the winter season are the lesser ferruginous duck, white-fronted goose, and Baer’s Pochard duck, amongst others.


Amongst the eminent trees that you can witness here are Indian gooseberry, Kumbhi, elephant Apple, and the cotton tree. You can also witness an excellent selection of aquatic flora in the ponds, lakes, and down the length of the river shores.

What’s the ideal time to visit?

The winter months from November to February with the dry and mild climate are possibly the finest time for visiting the sanctuary. You have greater chances of seeing rhinos during the winter months. The reason is that the grass burns off.

Places to visit in the vicinity of Kaziranga

There’re several exciting places to visit in close proximity to Kaziranga. Among the main ones are:

Behora – You can revive your mind by witnessing the tea plantation here.

The Kakochang Waterfalls – At a distance of 13 km from Bokakhat, this is a gorgeous waterfall amidst nature. Cascading down amid the district’s coffee and rubber plantations it makes for a breathtaking scene. It also makes a great picnic spot.

Numaligarh Ruins – this is a great place for those who have an interest in ancient ruins.

Those visiting the sanctuary have several housing options that include rest houses, dormitories, luxury resorts, and tourist lodges. While the ITDC or the Forest Department maintains most of them a few are privately owned. If you want to say in a state-run forest resort you should book beforehand. Among the main private resorts are Wild Grass Lodge, Grassland Resort and The Infinity Resort, to name a few.

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