Gorumara National Park is Nothing Short of a Wonderland

Gorumara National Park is an Important National Park of North Bengal.

Take a flight to Bagdogra and follow this up with a drive up. You can also opt for buses that start from Esplanade and are destined for Siliguri. The other option is a train that starts at the Sealdah station and is destined for Jalpaiguri. You can reach Gorumara (Gorumara National Park) in two hours if you drive from Siliguri.

A woodland bungalow is a great place for staying. However, you must purchase your rations at Malbazar. For more information, you can contact the West Bengal Tourism Development Office at this number – 22488271. You will also get resorts that include Panchabati and Silver Ridge. Your Travel agency can help you in making the arrangements.

The Gorumara National Park features three of greatest biggest names in the wildlife in India. They are:

  • The Indian bison
  • The great Indian one-horned rhino
  • The Indian elephant

With some persistence and patience on your part, there is a great possibility of catching a glimpse of all of these three animals during a weekend trip.

Some facts about Gorumara

Image Credit : West Bengal Tourism

The Gorumara National Park, which is located on the banks of Raidak and Murti river, is a place where individuals co-exist with animals, even if not always calmly. Situated in the Dooars area of Jalpaiguri, it has mountains and rivers, cascades and tea gardens, and parts that are totally green. The place has a heavenly silence with the occasional squeaking of birds and the noises of the wild.

The best way of reaching Gorumara

Regardless of you taking a train, flight, bus or car, the vehicle trip from Siliguri to the woodland is a must. This drive upward, via Chalsa, can be described as a classically picturesque one, with a portion of North Bengal in absolute, unspoiled splendor. The entrance to Gorumara is fashioned out of logs. Inside, peacocks, wild cocks, and elephants are in plenty.

A great place for staying

Amongst the places for staying within the national park of 80 sq km, in the vicinity of Jaldapara, is “forest department bungalow,” amidst tranquil settings. The location is the middle of the woodland. However, there are ample kunki hathis on the grounds and guards for keeping off the wild beasts.

Two great viewpoints

The place has two watchtowers. They are:

  • Rhino Point – it’s a walk of a few minutes from the bungalow and makes a great viewing place for rhinos and bison.
  • Jatraprasad watchtower – This is one more excellent viewpoint that is at a distance of approximately a couple of kilometers from the bungalow. It got its name from Jatraprasad. He was a kunki hathi that kept off wild elephants. The sight from this watchtower happens to be spectacular, with ample rhinos, deer, leopards, and elephants.
  • Chukchuki Tower – This is a great place for bird-lovers. The forest features numerous gorgeous feathered creatures, with steady migratory visitors.

If you visit this place during the winter season you will get to see the woodpecker, the Indian pied hornbill, the flycatcher, the sunbird, the drongo, and the minivet. You will also enjoy the breath-taking exquisiteness of its vegetation of riverine prairies intermixed with savannah forests.

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