The Buxa Tiger Reserve Trip is a Great Experience a mid Wilderness

The Historic Buxa Tiger Reserve

Huddled in Alipurduar Sub-Division of the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal, there is a Tiger Reserve called Buxa tiger reserve. It was debatably the 15thof the ones present in the north-east end of the state encircling Assam and Bhutan. It is unlikely that Buxa is a picturesque extravaganza due to the expectation of noticing a mammal among the wilderness.

It’s a picturesque extravaganza possibly due to the mystical peace of the forest, the spooky noise of the crickets and the undulating land with the Jayanti River as the backdrop. This river creates a natural boundary amid Bhutan and India.

The bed of the river is almost parched in the early stages of monsoons. The full moon amid the clouds lightens up the white bed. This makes this forest of Bengal or the Buxa Tiger Reserve more enchanting.

The beauty of the Buxa Tiger Reserve

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The yearly rainfall goes beyond 5000 mm. The wide-ranging flora and fauna that is present are due to the humid environment and the thin population. The flora present here is categorized as generally tropical forests. It along with the ethnic assortment of the individuals that live makes this place interesting.

The Buxa Tiger Reserve features an extensive assortment of fauna. They include:

  • 69 species of mammals
  • Over 246 species of birds
  • 41 species of reptiles
  • 33 species of fishes
  • 4 species of amphibians

Nevertheless, the spotting of mammals during this safari is a matter of chance. The guides here have stories to tell about groups of elephants charging the corn farms and surprising the occasional car.

More fauna to enjoy here

A stay of nearly a couple of hours or so within the dense forests will reveal gypsies crossing birds and butterflies and enigmatic trees that appear to be from some fairy like novels. You are also likely to notice herds of howling deer and feral pigs for satiating your adrenaline. The anticipation and the eerie light and shadow that you will experience during the safari will be riveting and something to cherish.

There is more to enjoy that the fauna

Tourists and Travellers have an essential variance in their way of realizing places by their merit. Buxa can be compared to a hamlet that presents shelter to your private self. Though you cannot look forward to touristic pleasures you can have fun as the wanderer.

  • A saunter to the chronological Buxa Fort can be described as a very smooth experience against the dolomite caves’. This fort remains evocative of an age when several freedom fighters of the British age were here as the most rigorous prison after the Andaman Cellular Jail.
  • However, the gorgeous stalagmites and stalactite, as well as the natural cascades in the ‘Mahakal’ hike, makes an experience that is unlike the typical.
  • The fringe of the Buxa area features over 34 tea gardens on its south side and this makes one more than culture for a simple mind who desires peace.


That murmuring forests, the deafening clouds hitting the roofs of tin, the flourishing orchids, the Bhutan Ghat, and the Jayanti River combine to make Buxa a great lure for travelers. Buxa’s seductive landscapes will stay etched to your mind as you get on board your train to your home city.

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