There is More to Sundarbans National Park than just Spotting Animals

The Sundarbans is Unique Because of being the Sole Mangrove Jungle Worldwide

“Sundar ban” means “beautiful forest”. This biggest mangrove forest worldwide is a wilderness of a vast network of intersecting waterways. The Sundarbans is unique because of being the sole mangrove jungle worldwide that has tigers. The tigers here are very good swimmers!  There is an extended expanse of nylon net fencing on the forest borderlines for preventing the Tigers from getting into villages.

The part of this wild terrain that falls India comprises of 102 islands with over 50% of them being inhabited.

The Sundarbans National Park lies within the greater Sundarban Tiger Reserve.  A major section of this protected area of the park features the Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is well-known for doing bird watching. Besides tigers, the park abounds in

  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Other animals that include wild boar, monkeys, and deer.

Though people considerGodkhalito be the entrance to the Sundarbans, the tangible entrance is the Sajnekhali Island.

What are the attractions here?

Many people return from their trip to the Sundarbans sad and the most common reason is their great hopes of witnessing wildlife, particularly a tiger.

The hindrance to spotting Wildlife spotting is that there is no way of exploring the Sundarbans National Park walking or by a vehicle. Bo jeep safari exists. Moreover:

  • Boats are unable to touch down anyplace besides the waterfronts in the park except for selected watchtowers
  • Boats have to leave the park boundaries within 6 p.m.

A great attraction of this park is visiting the watchtowers that are the most convenient for you as they are close by. A number of them are:

  • Sajnekhali – this is the chief watchtower complex. If you like bird watching you must visit this.
  • Sudhanyakhali – This holds the record for spotting the most tigers. You will get to see the spotted deer that frequent a nearby pond.
  • Do Banki – Enjoy the enclosed canopy walk at an altitude of 20 foot that goes on for approximately 150 meters.
  • Netidhopani – This watchtower is a great place for seeing the ruins of an old temple that dates back to 400 years.

The remote watchtowers are BurirDabri, Bonnie Camp, and Jhingekhali.

What can you expect from a cruise here?

A day of cruising through the waterways of the park is likely to feature glimpses of crocodiles, monkeys, water monitor lizards, otters, wild boar, birds, and spotted deer along the coasts.


The actual pleasure of going over the Sundarbans is its primeval, serene natural beauty, instead of spotting animals. Stroll through charming villages and find out the local lifestyle. And don’t forget to taste some honey. A trip to the Sundarbans is incomplete without this.

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