How Can you Helping the Survival of Polar Bears?

Things that We Can do For the Conservation of the Polar bear

A Polar bear relies on sea ice for hunting their main source of food, namely seals. But, with warmer weathers, it has to spend more of its time onshore with the sea ice taking more time to form. The result is underfed and starved bears. Another effect of the change in the weather is the increasing possibilities of conflict among a polar bear and human beings with bears spending more of their time onshore.

There are more threats to this “King of the Arctic” that include industrial development. The warming of the Arctic is opening possibilities of gas and oil development.

Polar bears have no way of adapting to altering global weather

A few species can act in response to the altering global weather by altering their distribution, which is the area where they live. This is not possible for the polar bears as they spend a greater part of their time on floating sea ice sheets in pursuit of their preferred food, seals.

The warming of the Arctic in recent years is causing the ice to melt earlier and the bears less have less time for hunting. Thus, it possible that some bears will be unable to build up the required fat for surviving the remainder of the year.

Instead of feeling depressed in the future of polar bears you should act. There are several actions on your part for

  • Promoting research
  • Reducing greenhouse emissions
  • Mitigatingforthcoming warming trends

The things that we can do for the conservation of the polar bear

  • Make less use of our cars walk or use public transport when possible
  • Use the most fuel-effective motor vehicle for the task at hand and drive at the most effective speed for your motor vehicle
  • Try to avoid drive-through businesses and try and not stay idle for over 10 seconds.
  • Do routine tuning of your car and maintain correct tire inflation.
  • Support municipal bike tracks, no-idling endeavors, & mass transportation options
  • Insulate buildings and cooling or heating by the use of effective systems
  • Generate your personal power with the use of solar or wind sources
  • Inform your utility corporation about your wish for subscribing to green power. The US residents can do this by shifting to Arcadia Power.
  • Use energy-effective equipment and appliances, shut down appliances when they aren’t in use, and resort to low-tech techniques when feasible
  • Use LED bulbs instead of light bulbs
  • Do not waste water and use as much water as needed
  • Recycle more and try to not use products that come with much packaging
  • Research vendors and purchase from those having ecological business models
  • Vote in favor of civil representatives who identify that this carbon-based civilization isn’t justifiable and who would work for establishing a fitting rate for carbon
  • Make your pals and relatives aware of the facts regarding global warming
  • And more


All the things mentioned above are vital steps towards a better future of this endangered species. And, as you age, always vote in favor of politicians who are for taking actions for reducing global warming.

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Amit Mukherjee

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