What is Your Part in Saving the Endangered Giant Panda?

You are Able to be of Help in Changing that via Ecological Activism

It is a fact that giant pandas were ticked off the list of endangered species in the year 2016. Yet, they’re still believed to be susceptible to extinction. However, you are able to be of help in changing that via ecological activism. Change of weather is right on course for destroying vast parts of the Chinese bamboo woodlands that is that habitat of this animal. Thus, it’s far from safe.

You are able to do your bit for saving pandas. For that, you must

  • Make donations to charitable organizations that protect pandas
  • Sponsor a panda
  • Adapt ecotourism practices
  • Make use of recycled paper
  • Purchase carbon offsets

Going by the most recent figures, as many as 1,864 pandas are alive in the wild now. This is an improvement from 1,596 that were alive in the year 2004. The credit for this increase in the number of the giant panda goes thorough conservation endeavors in China. For helping that number rise and protecting bamboo woodlands you can do several things. Among them are:

Donating to Charity

Making donations to panda conservation ventures in China does contribute to definite initiatives. Some such initiatives are

  • Community development Ventures
  • Nature reserve protection
  • Research and tracking work

The WWF says that

  • A donation of $19 could purchase film cartridges designed for infrared cameras that are used for monitoring giant pandas.
  • A donation of $56 might help a ranger got on a training curriculum for helping amass crucial information regarding the habitat of a giant panda.
  • A donation of $1,392 might be enough for saving a panda that is injured.

Sponsoring a Panda

When you sponsor or adopt a giant panda at the zoo or a different organization, you are given an adoption certificate along with snaps and information regarding pandas. You could even get a stuffed panda, which is an excellent gift for a kid. The donation that you make goes towards the conservation efforts of the organization.

Making use of Less Paper

The habitat of Giant pandas is on bamboo. The cutting of bamboo trees for making paper is abolishing this natural habitat and the sole food source of the giant pandas. If you stop using paper products or use less paper product you help in protecting pandas from extermination.

  • Opt for recycled paper products at any time that they are available
  • Make it a point to recycle them after you have completed the work for which you got them

Lessen Travel Impact

A change in weather does endanger animal species as it destroys their habitats and wipes out their sources of food. Whenever you use transports that release greenhouse gasses you’re contributing to global warming. You must try to walk whenever possible.

The other ways of lessening travel impacts are:

  • Video conferencing
  • Carpooling
  • Opting for airlines that have greater higher occupancy rates
  • Opting for more effective aircraft

You can purchase Carbon offsets for compensating for the emissions of greenhouse gas from traveling. Carbon offsets are of help in compensating for worldwide warming by financing ways to carbon releases elsewhere.

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Amit Mukherjee

Amit Mukherjee is an author and the staff member of Nature Talkies.

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