There are Several Justifiable Reasons to Save Lions

Animal Species are Vital for a Healthy Ecosystem

We all know lions for their growling, roaring, and ferocity. However how many of us know that lions are band animals and stay and mix freely in their communities. They have many striking features that make them an iconic animal.

IUCN is of the opinion that the number of lions has declined by 43% in the past two decades.

There are many reasons to save lions that include their striking features and their importance to the world.

Finest hair

A dense, dark mane is a mark of a fit and healthy lion. Lionesses fancy males that have dark manes. And the male population know that a lion is in good shape from its dense, lengthy, dark mane.

Among the leading predators

All animal species are vital for a healthy ecosystem. While doing away with one species could make the habitat weaker the removal of a keystone species could make the whole ecosystem collapse. The disappearing of large predators like lions will make the herd populations rise, and grazers are going to consume the entire grass. They will turn the savanna into a sandy desert.


Lions use approximately a couple of hours or so of their time hunting, an hour having their food, and twenty hours sleeping!

Street savvy

For surviving lions require outsmarting their prey. For this, they remember every single inch of their big lands. They have comprehensive, 3-D drawings in their head. They are aware of the whereabouts of their victim’s preferred watering holes, hangouts, and worn trails. Lions have no problem in recalling the first observing places in their land and the optimal spots to make an ensnarement.


A good description of lions is as ninjas of the kingdom of animals and as experts at the covert approach. They have padded feet that hardly make a sound on supple grass and sand. Another advantage is their coats of tan color that help them mix with their natural environment. A lion’s target can virtually never make it out before it’s too late.

Excellent vision during night

The vision of lions in the dark is six times clearer compared to humans. A reflective coating of cells is present at the posterior of their eyes. The cells reflect the Light from the stars or moon forward. Thus, lions get a brighter picture of the Animals and backdrops when it’s dark.

Excellent appetites

The king of animals isn’t choosy when it comes to eating. They’re spontaneous hunters who will consume any immediate animal when sufficiently hungry.

Team players

Lions always hunt in sets and this approach makes their chances of overcoming larger prey more. Such set hunts are well planned.

Lions also dominate an extensive part of the world.

These facts are good enough reasons to save lions

Lions are turning rarer. At present, a projected 35,000 and just 400 African and Asiatic lions remain in the wild respectively. The increasing number of poachers, human encroachment, and hunters are driving them out of their environments.

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