Vanmohotsav : The Fourth Leg of Mission Plantation in 2019 is Set for the Monsoon Season

The Target of Mission Plantation in 2019 is to Plant 33 Crore Saplings

The 1st of July of 2016 was a historic date. As many as 2.82 crore saplings were planted by the Maharashtra government and social groups on that day. This was the first breakthrough in the State’s objective to keep 33% of the geographical area of Maharashtra green. For increasing Maharashtra’s green cover further the Maharashtra Forest Department planned the plantation programme of 50 crore trees. The program involved the planting of 4, 13, and 33 crore saplings in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The department decided on the figures for preserving the momentum of the first planting that was done in July 2016. The planting of 4 crore saplings in 2017was scheduled for the 1st to the 7th of July. The Maharashtra Forest Department chose this time for commemorating ‘Vanmohotsav.’

The target of the Mission Plantation to plant 4 and 13 crore saplings in 2017 and 2018 were successes. By the end of the 6th of July of 2017, 4,64,56,018 saplings had been planted. An approximate of 13.59 lakh individuals took part in the program in various places across the state. The time that was allotted for planting 13 crore saplings in 2018 was the entire month of July. However, the figure was reached with 4 days to go on the 27th.

The Forest Department is determined to carry forward this spree of success of the planting program to 2019.

Sudhir Mungantiwar, the Maharashtra Forest Minister, made a statement for realizing the Green Maharashtra concept. He stated that 33 crore saplings are to be planted during the monsoon season of 2019. He said that planning for the 4th leg of the program in 2019 will commence start from the 3rd of August of 2018. Cities all over state must get a “tree plan” similar to the “development plan” ready for utilizing the open spaces.

He said that for realizing this target, Technology for planting trees is going to be set up

  • At the district level and
  • At the village panchayat level.

He described a hierarchy for the planting of 33 crore trees for completing the program of 50 crore trees. 18 crore and 75 lakh trees are to be planted by the FD, SFD, and FDCM. The breakup will be FDplanting 7.29 crore trees, SFD planting 7.29 crore trees and FDCMplanting 4.17 crore trees. That leaves 14.25 crore trees to be planted. This machinery had been given the responsibility to plant 6.25 crores trees. The planting of the remaining 8 crores is the responsibility of the Gram Panchayat.

He also said that Landbank has got to be made available for the planting of 33 crore trees. The Forest Minister stated that the preparations must be stated. He went on to say that for making Green Maharashtra a possibility all must determinedly work jointly. Only a joint collaboration can make the planting of 33 crore trees a possibility. He urged everyone to come forward and carry the drive onward with the objective of Green Maharashtra.

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Ashesh is a social worker, author and member of Nature Talkies.

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