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NASA and its unusual facts and achievements

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was formed on July 29, 1958(i.e 61 years ago). Their motto is ‘for the benefit of all’. NASA is responsible for aeronautics and aerospace research.

NASA aims to discover information and also to expand knowledge which will benefit mankind.

NASA’s current and future Mission

  • NASA’s  current and future mission is to understand and explore Earth ( our home planet)
  • To make our lives better and also to safeguard our near future.
  • To provide us with societal benefits and make our nation strong.

Why is NASA important?

It is because NASA provides us with information about our home planet (The Earth) that plays an important role in scientific advancement, the security of the nation and also the economy of America.

Some amusing facts about NASA (might not be known to people)

  • The Science Guy Bill Nye actually wanted to be an astronaut, but NASA rejected him.
  • Near the Earth, NASA discovered in the year 1991 a small body which is listed down in the Astrophysics Data System as an alien probe.
  • The inventor of Super Soaker – Lonnie Johnson was a NASA scientist.
  • The toaster in our kitchen contains a computer more powerful than that used to send astronauts by NASA to the moon.
  • NASA scientists in the year 2006 discovered a peculiar noise that was a number of times noisy than anything they would anticipate – known as the Space Roar.
  • One must move a minimum of 50 miles over and above Earth’s surface, to be considered officially an astronaut by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • One of the goals of NASA is having humans on the planet Mars by 2030s.
  • If by any chance existence of life is discovered in any other planet, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a Planetary Protection office which acts as a rule or guiding principle.
  • Three men charged NASA for entering Mars without their permission. As they claim of inheriting Mars from their forefathers long ago.
  • NASA sends a text message whenever Space Station (International) passes one’s location.
  • NACA was started by Woodrow Wilson for supervision and direction of the study of science much before the formation of NASA
  • For systematic photography of the surface of planet earth, Landsat was launched first in the year 1972, which was the revolutionary satellite series.
  • Successful flight for the first time was made by Orville and Wilbur Wright on 17th December 1903
  • The unmanned ‘Atlus II’ robot plane is able to move round to 24 hours over bonfire and send data to computers through satellites.
  • S. citizen is well known with the word ‘statute mile’ which means one mile
  • To commemorate the launching of Sputnik and Outer space Treaty on October 1999 the UN declared 4th to 10th October to be the World Space Day

Researches did by NASA:

NASA researches on climate change. The harmful gases emitted by rockets can adversely harm the atmosphere of Earth as well as in space. There are some rockets which decompose into less poisonous blend after burning. NASA Sustainability Base is an example of environmental efforts by NASA.

Success stories of NASA:

  • Jupiter – C /Explorer was launched in Florida’s Cape Canaveral, on 31st of January, 1958 which was of greater importance in comparison with the launch of a Russian satellite in 1957.
  • The Hubble Space imaged the galaxy NGC 4414 in 1995.
  • By the Space Shuttle Program, NASA was able to carry more than 300 astronauts to the low-Earth track.
  • Apollo 11 – first to send humans to moon was done by NASA
  • Cassini mission – gave wide information about Saturn and its satellite
  • Juno mission – gave wide information about the biggest planet of our solar system.

Why is NASA famous?

Programs like Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini helped NASA to learn how to fly in space. Which is the year 1969 led the first man to land on the moon. The satellites of NASA helped man to understand the weather patterns of the planet. NASA is involved in a number of other unusual achievements as well.

More than 16,500 people are working for NASA. Christina Koch is planning to spend in space about 365 days which is going to be a record for spacewomen. The training was given to the first female group for conquering Final Frontier.

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