The Solar Storm- Suns Cruel Blast of Magnetic Power

The biggest body of the solar system- the sun

Solar flare which is also known as the solar storm is the suns cruel blast of magnetic power. The discharge of Coronal crowd is a large mass of gas spreading from the solar plane. Scientists are able to detect the solar flares and they even measure how it will affect the environment. These storms generate from the sun and even move towards the planet Earth.

The Solar System is a planetary system which is bound gravitationally. The system consists of the Sun and all other objects that revolve around it directly or indirectly. Out of them the objects that revolve and rotate around the sun directly are the eight planets. Some other small objects are also there that revolves around the sun indirectly. These objects include the five dwarf planets as well.

Bursts of the solar storm look interesting to all, but only from the surface of the earth. It is a great threat to life and property on earth. We obviously don’t want to get into any trouble and then save our lives. But have you ever imagined why would the sun be so eager to destroy lives from such a long distance?

The phenomenon of the solar storm is known as CME which stands for coronal mass ejection. Back in 2012, the Earth’s orbit was hit by this. Luckily our planet didn’t have to face a direct shot as it was on another side of the orbit. But the scenario was not the same in 1859. It caused massive damage by setting fire on telegraph pylons.

Today the entire planet is based on technology and electronics. What would happen if another solar storm hits the planet? Would we get any chance to escape and save ourselves? Let’s discuss it further.

Protecting the earth from the phenomenon of the solar storm of the sun

The magnetic field of the earth helps in deflection of the solar winds. Actually, if it was not possible then the particles would strip off the covering ozone layer. If the ozone layer is disturbed or damaged then it won’t be able to protect the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun and cause damage to life on earth.

In today’s world where people are moving at a fast pace and where human beings can’t afford life without electronics, will face an immense problem. Computers will cease to work and all types of the communication system will cease.

Darkness would prevail everywhere. You would fail to charge your mobile phone or even your laptop. The fridge you use and the heater which heats you up would stop working. And most importantly you won’t even be able to flush your toilet as in most countries water pumps use electricity.

Cause of solar storms

The solar storm is also known as a geomagnetic storm. This is a short-term disorder of the planet’s magnetosphere which is caused by the cloud of attractive ground or the wind of wave shock. This wind wave or wind shock interacts with the magnetic field of the earth.

When there is a pressure of high wind wave then the magnetosphere compresses initially. When the solar magnetic field and earth’s magnetic field interact with each other, increased energy gets transferred to the magnetosphere.

Precautions and preventions

Well, controlling space weather is not possible for us. Still, we can take some prevention for our own safety. If by chance the Sun was to send a straight strike to us then this imaginary state of affairs would turn out to be almost real.

The Space Weather Prediction Centre and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration keeps on monitoring the working and movement of the sun. Three days of the forecast by them would give us a clear picture of if anything is suspicious.

As a safety measure we can disconnect all our electronics and electrical belongings but to keep ourselves going we need to pack food, drinks and prepare a security kit. You must also keep some liquid cash with yourself as all the ATM’s would stop working.

And one is nothing without money. With the money you are happy and you can be capable of doing anything. We hope to see a day when a blanket around the earth will act as a protective shield and protect us from any such danger entering the planet.

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