Professor Hawking Says That The Public Must Start Taking Action Against Pollution

Pollution and 'Stupidity' Are Biggest Threats to Humanity and are threats to human survival

Professor Hawking addressed a public for the last time at the yearly Starmus conference of 2016. This yearly conference is where scientific concepts are publicized. He emphasized on the unawareness and unwillingness of people to address the main challenges that the world faces today. Hawking brought attention to the huge problems that the people worldwide faced every day. He expressed grief on the collective failure of the masses to confront the problem. He said that six years have passed since he cautioned about pollution and overpopulation and the problems have grown. He said that the population is half a billion more than it was during the previous interview and there does not seem any end to it.

What was his conclusion on Pollution and ‘Stupidity’ Are Biggest Threats to Humanity? “If things continue like this the pollution will be a staggering 11 billion by the year 2100.”He added that there has been a rise of 8% in air pollution over the last five years. As many as 80% of people residing in urban regions are open to unsafe amounts of air pollution. A part of this rise in air pollution is the greater amount of carbon dioxide. He wondered whether global warming will reach dangerous levels before proper measures are taken.

Hawking is referring to air pollution that’s especially worrying and rampant in industrialized metropolises of the developing nations. An example is New Delhi. The capital of India withstands alarming amounts of nitrogen oxides.22 cities in India are ranked among 50 dirtiest metropolises worldwide.

Hawking also criticized the public funds that the governments spend on the research of things that include artificial intelligence and military. He expressed doubts whether it’s sensible to pursue such areas as the robots could supersede the control of humans. He stated the improvement of air quality and reduction of transport-associated pollution a great deal more pressing problems. They called for investment and thought.

He went on to say that it looked as though the Governments were caught up in an AI artilleries race. They are hell-bent on making planes and weapons outfitted with intelligent technologies. Governments aren’t giving as much importance to the funding of projects that benefitted the human race directly. An Example is improved medical screening. He cast his doubt on whether the progress in artificial technology will be benign. What is the reason that he gave for this doubt? Once machines reached the phase of evolving by themselves people won’t be able to predict their objectives.

It is true that all pollution is manmade. However, people have a considerably damaging impact on the environment of Earth. Thus, it is their duty to reevaluate their habits and attempt to control their approach to life. Less destructive approaches on their part involve

  • Making the transition to cleaner sorts of the energy manufacture and consumption of energy
  • The recycling and reusing of as much material as possible and looking after the Earth generally

Professor Hawking attended this conference to promote a pioneering new technology that he has designed for exploring the scope of the universe by the use of radiation patterning.

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