Tree Plantation – An Effective Way To Help Us To Sustain.

Save Trees to Save Mother Earth.

Autumn is the best time for tree plantation. Planting trees make a personal and wide difference in the environment. It is the most affordable and powerful way to make a difference in the life of human beings as well. Kids find it interesting to plant twigs in the garden, and so planting of trees have been made an activity in schools and kinder gardens.

After passing school life we often remember some vital things that we have learned. One of them is – trees act as essentials in the life of living beings. Didn’t biology teach us this?  The reason behind this was they help in keeping the air and atmosphere clean, which helps in better health of living beings.

People are always not aware of some points like the benefit of the trees for soil. The root of the trees helps in binding the soil and hold water underneath. Not only this, but trees also help in reducing ozone levels in city areas. So don’t you think a tree is a life? And life is possible only because of them? But the sad thing is that we humans are so greedy that the greed for making money provokes them to cut down these lives giving trees.

Most importantly, the trees absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air and keep it clean. This helps human to breathe in the fresh and cool air. A well developed canopy producers enough oxygen for two human beings to sustain.

But humans are so much engrossed in developing their own lives that they forget the harmful effects of cutting down trees. The trapped carbons in the trees get released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, which harms the air terribly. Still the forests are being cut down and destroyed. What can be more shameful than this?

Save trees if you want to save the Earth and want to survive. Trees act as the backbone of the ecosystem on which all the non-living and living organisms rely. The ecological balance is maintained by the emission of oxygen by the trees and the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Some benefits of trees

  1. Trees help in saving energy
  2. Helps in the prevention of soil erosion
  3. Saves living beings from high temperatures
  4. Provide shelter, food, and medicine to human beings. Animals solely depend on trees for food. Cutting down of trees will lead to the death of several animals.

Some contribution of human beings towards saving the trees.

  1. Try to reuse and recycle the papers.
  2. Try reusing paper bags.
  3. Eliminate the use of plastic bags
  4. Plant trees around you
  5. Eradicate cutting down of trees.

Beware of the effects of cutting down trees.

Trees emit oxygen and are even responsible for the Occurrence of rain which helps in ecological balance. What would happen if we cut down trees? Would we be able to survive? It’s a big NO. We would eventually die. It’s high time for people to understand the importance of trees. Trees need to breathe just like any other human being on earth. We are always depending on trees for oxygen. We live and grow around them.

Secondly, trees create a cool and humid temperature which is required for rain. If it keeps on going the same way, then rainfall will be affected and earth would face drought all throughout the year. Trees give us shade without which the ground would dry up. If the sand gets loose then it may cause landslide leading to the death of a large number of people.

Plantation of trees and plants are very important. This helps in making the environment better. It helps in purifying the air around, conservation of water, helps to control the climatic condition and helps in overall development.

Some points to be kept in mind while plantation is:

  1. Dig the ground well before planting. This is a very vital step.
  2. Improve the soil so that the plant survives for a long time.
  3. Decant
  4. Then plant the twig
  5. And water the plant regularly

Moreover, if you plant different types of flowering plants, it will grow into a stream of beautiful colures. This will help in keeping your mind fresh and happy. Such beauty doesn’t fade away easily. Keeping yourself happy is very much important.

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