The Bermuda Triangle-No More a Mystery but a Conclusion

Knowing about the advancements in theory in the ‘Deadly Bermuda Triangle’

The Bermuda Triangle is also named as Hurricane Alley or the Devil’s Triangle. It is an insecure orderly distinct area located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean (north). It is said that it is the location where a large number of ships and aircraft have disappeared under a strange state of affairs.

Mostly good reputed sources release the idea of any mystery there. The surrounding areas of Bermuda triangle are among the most profoundly traveled distribution lens of the world. This place is quite busy because ships frequently cross this vicinity to reach the ports of Europe, Caribbean Islands, and America.

Pleasure craft and Cruise ships sail regularly through this area and some commercial, as well as private aircraft, fly over this place routinely. Different writers give different opinions and expressed a different point of views about this area of the Bermuda Triangle.

Then after 1964 and the article named the Deadly BermudaTriangle was written by Vincent Gaddis. This writer made advancement in his theory. Prior to this due to the absence of knowledge and lack of checking about the facts- regarding Flight 19, a growth industry was formed.

A person name Larry Kusche concluded some points. He concluded that:
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  1. The number of aircraft and ships that disappeared in that area was in a large number if compared to any other parts of the ocean.
  2. In the region which is frequented by cyclones, the figures which appeared were for the most part mysterious.
  3. Additionally, some writers like Berlitz failed to point out some storms and often failed to present in magazines and other journals the reason for disappearance which they assumed to happen in calm weather but was clearly contradicted by the meteorological records.
  4. A boat if gets disappeared is expected to return to the port after a few days, but they have been exaggerated by long research.

The news of the Bermuda triangle is a mystery as always. After years of study and speculation, the scientists declared that they have come to a solution about the mystery. Firstly they declared that this is not a mystery in the first place. The studies declared that the disappearance of ships and other aircraft were due to old means of the error caused by human beings and also due to bad weather.

The mystery has nothing to do with any supernatural power or aliens. It is said that there is some supernatural power present in the vicinity of Bermuda Triangle which is actually a myth. Ships tend to disappear due to accidents, sea pirates or maybe human errors. For years this has been a point of discussion for every school kid.

This area is quite a busy patch of the sea as it is the en route for different ports. A different scientist comes up with a different reason behind the area having a lot of traffic. Some express the point that the reason behind heavy traffic is its location- which is near the equator. But if we logically peep into this matter then it is nothing beyond ordinary.

It is true that this area faces the maximum accidents and disappearing of sips as well as air crafts in comparison to any other part of the ocean. It might be that this is the most dangerous place for ships to travel. To avoid such accidents the captain must be aware of the weather conditions and any other factor which would affect the craft.

It is true that not only ships but also different aircrafts flying over this area have disappeared and vanished. These include five planes and a PBM Mariner Seaplane. Two other planes named flights 19 and 13 crew traveling in them disappeared when they were sent in search of the seaplane

People must zoom in their own views rather than depending on anyone else. This is an era of political lies and issues which gives the thing a different color.

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