Save Water to Save Life in Earth

Think about ways of how can we save water in our daily life

Save water to save all living beings around you. The only thing supporting the survival of human life is water. It seems to be a limitless resource, but it’s not. To be more precise the fresh potable water which is the most essential (for different purposes like drinking and cooking) is limited.

If water is not conserved then its supply will get exhausted. Conservation of water helps in a lot of different things like saving energy as well as equipment. This is the importance of conserving water.

How can save water in our daily life is a very big question

Rather it is a simple and important question. There are many ways if preserving and conserving water and use it appropriately. The different ways to save water in our daily life are:

  • Keep a check on the water usage of your bathroom: This is the best and the easiest way to save water in daily life. Different surveys conclude that a lot of water is wasted during bathing and brushing our teeth. Turning off the tap tightly and turning them off while brushing can save more than 4 liters of water every minute.
  • Try to fix the toilet leaks: it is estimation that a leak in your bathroom, washroom or kitchen can waste about 12000 liters of water every year. If you make some minor adjustments in the required places then it can save a lot of water.
  • Use showers which are water saving: It’s a fact that maximum showers use up to 5 gallons of water each minute. If you start using water saving showers then can you to conserve water every day easily.
  • Low flush or dual flush toilet should be installed: You can cut down your daily water usage by installing a dual flash or a low flash in the toilet.
  • During monsoons use rainwater tank: Rainwater tanks at the best way to conserve water. By this process, you can store water after rain and use it for different other purposes like watering plants hand washing your car.
  • Stop running the hose while you wash your car: Using a pail of Soapy water for cleaning the car is a very innovative method of saving water. Thousands of liters are saved by keeping the house closed while you wash your car.

The ecological factor affecting water

Maximum life on earth is at the end linked with the water supply. Overuse of the resource is a threat to those animals who helps us sustain. Due to alteration of habitat, about 21 species have become extinct in 17 different states of the western region.

This has have taken place in the last 100 years according to the report of the United States Bureau of Reclamation. The reason behind the change in their habitat is the increase in population along with the increase in the demand for water.

Personal cost

Water is not received at your doorsteps for free after processing. Every time you have to charge a fee for the local utility you enjoy. The demand and the price charged for the water is directly proportional. This means that greater demand will charge greater fees and vice versa. Conservation of water will help you in saving money in terms of quality and unit price.

Consumption of energy

Overconsumption of water leads to the overconsumption of one more non- renewable resource or energy. Here, energy is electricity which is used to heat water for cleaning and cooking purposes. Besides this, the local company supplies water to your house also needs energy. Thus, an increase in the demand for water leads to an increase in the use of energy.

The infrastructure and Technology DepartmenSt

Conservation of water helps in reducing the demand for energy. If this is not done (conservation) then energy is wasted in processes like water treatment and also delivery systems- septic systems and sewage plants. There is an increase in the wear and tear of equipment with the increasing demand for water.

This leads to the frequent change of worn out parts. As there is such a pressure on the company’s for water supply, they tend to supply the water prior to proper cleaning, leading to severe health issues.

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