Unbelievable Places that Actually Exist on Earth

Mysterious places - Wait until you discover

Natural Wonders like the Victoria Falls and Grand Canyon are undoubtedly big, and anyone who sees them is sure to be impressed. However, other places on earth are way puzzling. Unbelievable Places that are scientifically impossible – or almost alien – as though they could only exist in a world that evolved separately from ours. To date, scientists still have a hard time understanding how these place came to be because they do not seem to follow any known scientific laws.

Let’s have a look at some of these mysterious places.

Devils Kettle

The Devil’s Kettle in Minnesota is one of the most intriguing mysteries today. At a certain point along the Brewery River, the water splits into two – one split heads into Lake Superior, and the other – well, no one knows where it goes. Scientists have tried experimenting with different things, including ping pong balls and dyes to trace its course, but nothing.

Hessdalen Lights

Since the 80s’, the UFOs has been witnessed by thousands of people in Hessdalen Valley in Norway. Mysterious lights appear high in the sky. They are of bright colors. They shift shapes, dance around, flash unmistakably and disappear, only to reappear the following night. And while theories are trying to explain this strange happening, none seems to be good enough.

The Sleeping City of Kalachi

Citizens of Kalachi face a very mysterious sleeping epidemic; they just collapse into naps, randomly – even while walking. People also report fatigue, memory loss, and hallucinations. The sleeping issue cuts across people of all demographics, including the young and old, male and female. The country has ordered an evacuation, but there isn’t a single clue as to what causes the problem.

Circles of Namibia

There are fields of grass with circles curved in them at regular intervals in the Namibian Desert. These circles are almost perfectly formed and range between 10 and 65ft in diameter. Forget explaining the circles; scientists don’t even know why they took the circle form, instead of any other shape. And despite the several theories that have come up to solve the mystery, all of them have been debunked almost immediately.

Fly Geyser

This formation is found in Northwestern Nevada. The Geyser is about 5ft tall and 12ft wide and was formed in 1964 partly by man and partly by nature. An energy company drilled a well into a geothermal flex, stuck 200-degree water and left it all alone because they couldn’t use it. They tried to seal the wall, but the water seeped through and surged to the air. Over time, mineral deposit built up and formed thus unusual looking Geyser.

Blood Falls

This bizarre wonder is in Victoria Land in East Antarctica. Its name and its sinister appearance are enough to send chills down your spine. Blood Falls sip out of Taylor Glacier and has bright red hue water. Its striking contrast against the pure white glacier makes it appear even more remarkable. Scientists have studied the falls to determine its origin and uncovered an extraordinary bacteria ecosystem exists beneath the glacier that produces ferric and sulfite irons.

Underwater Waterfall

Waterfalls are beautiful and even romantic. But the Underwater Waterfall is quite something. It is situated between Africa and South America and is caused by the strength of the currents that pushes water downwards. What happens here is that sand from the shores of meritus is driven by ocean currents from that high coastal shelf into the darker ocean depths of the southern tip of the highland.

Sargasso Sea

This is the only sea that’s surrounded by more sea. The Sargasso Sea has no shore or coastline. Rather than being covered by land, it is surrounded by four ocean currents: the Gulf Stream on the west, North Atlantic current to the North, the Canary Current on the East and the North Atlantic Equatorial Current on the south.

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