UN Environment Helping to Beat Pollution Before It Beats Us

Ways of eradicating pollution

UN Environment is working hard to make this planet pollution-free. Keeping in mind the various ways by which the earth can be kept clean and prevented from any type of pollution the UN environment launched emotion on 28 December 2017 ” towards a pollution-free planet“. This is a report that it works to bring a different type of institutions, business authorities, individual, the government it and the civil society to work hand in hand in preventing the pollution and keeping our planet clean and mess-free.

This report is placed ahead of the United Nations Environment Assembly, in Kenya’s Nairobi between 4th December 2017 to 6th December 2017. The topic or theme was pollution.

The executive director of the UN environment is Erik Solheim. He said that pollution is a universal challenge that devastates the ecosystem and threatens wildlife. Pollution also is responsible for killing millions of people all around the world every year.

But we all know that what we should do or we can do to reduce and prevent the tunnel from getting polluted. There are precautions you need to take to keep our planet clean which is good news. The above-mentioned institutions such as government, local authorities, individuals, civil society and business cities are responsible to beat any kind of pollution in whichever form it is. The above-mentioned report clearly explains how the required thing can be done. The report which is mentioned in the beginning conveys 5 messages:

  1. Firstly says that global compact on any kind of pollution will make its prevention a priority among all.
  2. There must be a promotion of sustainable production and consumption including efficient and effective use of improved resources. Priority should be given to you are waste management and waste reduction whenever and wherever possible.
  3. All levels of environmental governance should be strengthened.
  4. For any innovation purpose partnership between stakeholders and collaborations are important. For developing technology solutions and for that of ecosystems knowledge sharing is a must along with transdisciplinary research.
  5. To counter pollution, investments should be made in cleaner consumption and production.

The statement towards the pollution-free planet emphasizes that pollution is avoidable and controllable. It emphasizes the role of agreements like the multilateral environment which is based on the climate changes along with the agenda of 2030 for sustainable development. This agenda has a number of targets regarding pollution reduction. The report launched for Minamata convention was the first issue regarding mercury. It is even an agreement regarding human health and environment protection.

Using sustainable chemistry toxic chemicals can be eliminated and substituted like electronic mobility, cycling, reducing wastewater for reducing the discharge in freshwater lakes, treating wastewater and better advancements. The above-mentioned inventions were a part of 50 purposes which were invented to address pollution among any of its forms. With all such concrete examples, the United nation environment agency is seeking the business organization, civil society institutes, individuals and the government to beat pollution and stand against any kind of pollution through voluntary commitment on the website of United nation environment.

Moving towards a pollution-free environment

pollution is a universal challenge that threatens wildlife, devastates ecosystem and kills millions of people every year.

About the United nation environment

The global voice on the environment is led by the UN Environment. It provides some inspiration and leadership twin courage others for caring and safeguarding the environment by informing, enabling Nations and inspiring people for improving their standard of living without any compromise for the future generation. UN government works hand in hand with private sectors, government sectors and civil societies all across the world including different UN entities and organizations placed abroad.

The assembly of the UN environment

Among the levels of decision making bodies of the world the highest place is hold by the EU and environment gathered in Kenya Nairobi under the theme pollution.

Beat pollution

Pollution costs human being and the environment to a large level. The pollutants and heavy metals which are present in the air that we inhale might cause serial internal problems. These pollutants even get mixed with the drinking water and food that we take in which are responsible for several deaths every year. Each year about 12.6 million people face death worldwide due to this reason. People face problems like a bad heart condition, strokes, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer which grows from pollution. Disproportionately the impact falls on children especially residing in the less developed areas and countries.

Make a pledge to beat pollution
  1. Don’t be the one to throw rubbish solvents and chemicals into drains.
  2. Say no to shopping bags which are non-decomposable and cannot be reused.
  3. Try to minimize the burning of woods and call for cooking.
  4. Work hard and try to stop burning wastes especially plastic waste.
  5. Use your electronic gadgets properly for a long period of time and dispose of it properly either or eventually resell them.
  6. Used bicycles to go to the nearest places or take walking as an example. Do you use public transport?
  7. Try recycling products
  8. Reduce the intake of packed food and meat.
  9. Say no to cosmetics consisting microbeads.
  10. Try using pens which have low lead concentration and choose any e natural product for cleaning.
  11. Use very little pesticides and find a substitute for them like organic farming
  12. Use clean innovations to light your home
  13. Try to collect and reuse rainwater which is the purest form of water.

Climate change is among the different issues of our time. This has become an important topic ok to discuss. There is still time to tackle it. As we all know it is never too late, so it is the duty of all the human beings present on the planet to prevent pollution and conserve the environment for making it a better place to live in.

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