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Types and colonies of ants- a huge variety

Ants are the representatives of strength and hard work. There are many people who do not like ants but these are remarkable insects. There are many facts about ants (also known as social insects) which are unknown to many people. Ants are considered as social insects as they reside in colonies and inherent characteristics like division of labor, overlapping of generation and group integration.

Unfolding unknown facts about ants

There are many facts about ants which are unknown to many. Most people hate ants. But it’s very important for those people (exorbitant kids) to know the unknown facts. Some of the facts being provided here:

  1. Ant is such a hard-working insect that it can lift weight about 20 times more than its body weight.
  2. Ants are usually taken to death when they fight with each other.
  3. Ants don’t have hearing organs or ears. They hear by predicting through vibrations which occurs on the ground.
  4. The queen ants are the only reproductive ants in the colony and lay millions of ant eggs. These ants can become male ants or female ants or even queen ants. They even survive for many years, up to 30 years.
  5. There are above 12000 types of species of the social insect all over the planet.
  6. To know where they have been the ants live pheromone trail in the process of foraging.
  7. There are three categories of ants in a group. They are male ants, female ants, and Queen ant. The female ants consist of wings. They shed the wings before starting a new nest.
  8. Female ants are also known as the worker ants that do all the important works of the colony like hunting for food, looking after the eggs, nest and the colony.
  9. The main task of male ants is to mate with the queen to produce eggs.
  10. The Ants have tiny holes all over their body. These holes act like lungs. This is why they do not have lungs. Oxygen and Carbon dioxide enters and leaves their body respectively through the tiny pores present all over the body.

Ant colony and its future

The Queen of a colony is the leader of the colony. She is the only one responsible for the birth of other ants. She mates with the male ants to lay millions of eggs. The male ants of the colony mate with other future queens. This is so that they can reproduce and expand their group.

The male ants usually die soon after mating. This process starts once the Queens turn adult. There can be one or multiple Queen in a colony. This depends on the species of the ant.

The function of soldier ants

The colony even consists of soldiers or workers. The soldier ants (usually the sterile females who can’t reproduce) protect the colony, the eggs, and the queen.

Female or the worker ants also emphasize in gathering food. They attack the colony of enemies in search of food. After the fight, the winning colony takes away the eggs of the defeated enemy group.

The eggs after hatching may become male, female or queen. This completely depends on the nourishment of the eggs and not on the gene. Soldier ants are also responsible for the building of ant hills and mountains.

 The lifespan of an ant colony

The average lifespan of an ant colony is limited to the lifespan of the queen ant or a little longer than her lifespan. If the queen dies then the colony survives for just a few months. Depending on the type of species, these social insects can live in millions in a group or a colony.

Types of ants

Argentine ants

As the name suggests the type of species is the native of Brazil and Argentina. This species was introduced in fright ships in the state of US in the 1890s. Designs are also found in the States of California, Washington, Maryland Oregon, and Illinois.


The Ants native of Argentina refers to substances which are sweet. They can eat any products including fats, eggs, meat, and oils. One characteristic of these ants is that they do not visit the same area more than once. It’s a waste of time for them.


These natives of Argentina generally live in a wet environment which is close to some sources of food. The colonies can grow to the size of monuments.


  1. Elimination of standing water.
  2. Making sure that there is no crack or any opening in the house.

Carpenter ants

This type of ants builds their nest for living in the woods. This insect can cause damage to your house and especially to the products which are made of wood. Each colony of this type of ants has fertilized the queen. The queen starts living in the wood cavity. She feeds the babies with saliva and lives in the nest all the time.


The carpenter ants avoid eating wood that is removed by them during building activity of the nest. The ants deposit them in front of the colony. The diet of this type of ants includes dead as well as live insects. They also eat meat and fat. Although they stay in damp wood but unlike termites they don’t feed on wood.


The carpenter ants usually live in areas of damp wood or anywhere else where they find water.

The Impacts caused by them:

This type of ants can make tunnels perfectly inside the wood. But these ants usually do not carry any sort of diseases.


Eliminate any sort of standing water so that ants cannot reproduce there or make the nest.

Keep trees and other twigs away from your house.

Odorous house ants

This sort of ants has a very strong coconut-like smell. They build a nest around living places and there can be up to 1 lakh members in a colony.


This sort of ants eats sweet substances and insects.


These ants make their nest in logs and debris.


This type of ants usually is not a threat to health. But they are responsible for contaminating food.


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