Plastic Bottle Recycling Methods You Should not Miss

These Plastic Bottle Recycling Techniques Will Amaze You

Every day, people buy millions of products packed in plastic bottles. Companies from almost all industries pack at least one product in a plastic container, for example, the beauty, beverage, and home care industries widely use this packaging material. This is despite the environmentalists’ call for the reduction of plastic pollution. The calls fall on deaf ears as millions of people worldwide throw away millions of plastic bottles every day. Let’s discuss plastic bottle recycling methods.

But all is not lost for the environment. Plastic bottle recycling has become an increasing practice. People have found many ways of reusing bottles. As a result, there seems to be hope. The beauty of it is that there are many techniques for recycling bottles. Therefore, you cannot miss one or two ways that would interest you. Find out some of these techniques below.

Reusing Bottles for Storing Snacks and Cereals

Plastic bottles are now a great tool in every kitchen. Once you are done using the bottle, you can wash it thoroughly and use it to store snacks and breakfast cereals. It may save you a lot of time organizing the kitchen because bottles are very easy to arrange.

Packing cereal in a plastic container also makes it easy to pour it into a bowl during breakfast. The cereal may not spill as it would if you were pouring the content from a paper. If you have too many bottles and many snacks, you may put labels on the containers to make it easy to locate everything you need.

Use the Plastic Bottles as Vases or Planters

Another popular technique of recycling plastic bottles is to use them as planters. You may need bigger containers for this job, for example, two liters bottles and above. To do this, you need to first shape the bottle so that it can look like an actual planter. For example, you may cut the top of the base depending on the shape of the bottle. The idea is to create space for putting in soil, planting whatever you want, and also for watering the seeds plants.

If you have the long bottles that cannot be used for planting major plants, you may reuse them as flower vases for your home. You don’t need to worry about the décor because you can buy spray paint and change the color of the bottles according to your liking. Place your vase by the balcony, the window or any other part of the house. It will add beauty and whenever you enter your home, you will develop the feeling of relaxation.

Turn Plastic Bottles into Watering Cans

This plastic bottle recycling method is possible if you are into gardening. Instead of buying a commercial watering can, you can do it yourself. Again, you need to modify the shape of the can so that it can be efficient at the job. For example, you have to design the holes that you use to water the plants, and if the bottle does not have a handle, you can make one by yourself.

By transforming a bottle into a watering can, you will be saving the environment and your money. You will no longer spend on cans in your home because you can make them by yourself. In fact, you may make this a weekend project for the family where everyone participates in making the can. Within a few hours, you will be all set.

You Can Make Toy Cars for Your Children with Waste Bottles

One thing you will agree to is that children are unpredictable. You may be walking past the store and your child suddenly requests for an expensive toy. As confused as you are, you may have to buy the toy or disappoint your little one by saying no. either way, the outcome will not be something you may have wanted.

Instead of waiting for such moments, you should build a plastic bottle toy with all the waste bottles that you keep piling in your house. Design something like a car or a train and see how the kid’s heart will melt with love. In fact, you should involve the child in the plastic bottle recycling so that by the time you are done, he or she will have fallen in love with the product. It will save you the embarrassing and disappointing requests for big toys whenever you go to the store with your child.

Basically, the above methods teach you how to recycle plastic bottles at home. You should try at least one of them when you are free. Your effort will save you funds, and the bigger picture is that it will free the environment of plastic bottles everywhere. In the end, you will be part of a bigger movement of saving the environment no matter how little you think you may be doing.

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