Who is Greta Thunberg and Why Should You Care about Her Contribution towards Climate Change Movement?

A Swedish environmental activist on climate change

Maybe you are wondering, who is Greta Thunberg, and why is she being mentioned in climate change talks? Also, you may be wondering why it is important to know about her. Isn’t she a person like any other? Yes, she is. However, the contributions she is making to change the world at a young age warrant her recognition globally.

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Thunberg is a teenager from Sweden. She began a movement geared towards climate change in her home country. Unlike other teenagers who you will find home playing videogames or hanging out at the beach holding their phones when they are not in school, she chose a different kind of hobby. Hers began by sitting and standing around the Swedish parliament making calls for leaders to take action against global warming. She used to hold a placard with the words, “school strike for the climate.” Since August 2018 when she started making her calls, Greta’s effort has not been in vain. She has achieved much more than you can imagine.

Greta’s Achievement on Climate Change So Far

Thunberg’s calls for climate change action alone are a major achievement. It is not any day that you will find a teenager missing school to persuade leaders to take action against climate change. Even adults cannot do what she has been doing since 2018. Many would have given up on the way.
Surprisingly, Thunberg’s interest in climate change started in early 2018 even before she chose to be an activist. She won a competition that was organized by Svenska Dagbladet. Since the time she won in May 2018, she started taking action to pass her message across the world.

After marching to the Swedish parliament calling for schools to strike for the climate, students started organizing demonstrations in support of her pleas. By the end of 2018, at least 20,000 students had participated in strikes in over 270 cities in support of Greta’s appeals for action towards climate change.

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In addition to influencing other students, Greta has won various awards within the short time of being an activist. She won the Children’s Climate Prize in 2018, and to the surprise of many, Thunberg declined the award. She refused to acknowledge the award simply because she was required to fly to Stockholm for a conference, yet this is not in her beliefs.

Thunberg already believes that humans should do away with air travel if they want to tackle climate change fast. Have you ever stood by your principles as she did despite all the good things that you give up as a result? Search your soul and you will find that not many people can do that, yet Greta, a mere teenager as some call her, managed to stand firm. Other prizes that she has won include:

  • Swedish woman of the year award
  • Special climate protection award
  • 100 most influential people of 2019 by Time magazine and
  • Geddes environmental medal among many others.

Greta’s Message to the United States and the World

In 2019, Greta addressed a crowd at a climate change conference that was held in Carolina on 9th November. Her message to the United States and the globe was simple: to unite behind science and to act on it. This message was for the whole world starting with you and me. According to her, wherever you are, you should push your leaders to participate in the climate change movement that is aimed at saving planet earth.

Her journey to Carolina was via sea, and as she went back, she sailed through the Atlantic on a Catamaran with her father and her favorite YouTube celebrity couple. Therefore, even as she spreads her message to the world, Greta and her family have already started reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding planes. Sources say that she has also influenced her family to quit eating meat to save the animals on the planet.

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What You Should Learn from Thunberg and Her Contributions towards Climate Change

So, what should you do now that you have heard Greta’s message to the world? It is very simple. Start by doing anything you can to avoid polluting the environment. You may think that your actions are insignificant but look at it this way. If you do something, your neighbor does the same, and then the whole community follows, soon, the whole world will be doing the right thing. And the planet will guarantee future generations a place to live comfortably.

Start by recycling that water bottle that you bought yesterday. Or stop disposing polythene on landfills. Even dropping a polythene bag on the subway has a significant impact on the climate. Therefore, do everything that you can to save yourself, your children, and your future generations. Otherwise, the earth is doomed and our time on it is limited.

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