Immediate Climate Change — What Ushered The Mess We Are Facing Now?

Here's how global warming leads to change in climatic conditions

Change in climate is no new phenomenon, and as it was a gradual process, even its impacts were observed to be negligent. However, the problem arose when this slow evolving cycle of changes made a sudden unfolding of unfavorable events. With these prolonged changes, the event of climate change became a substantial issue to be dealt with.

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This abrupt change in the climate has been impacting all the arenas today. Although several factors contribute to the variation in climatic conditions, the aspect of global warming played a dominant role in the immediate climate change. More so, humans are also not devoid of being the primary cause of this problem. When it comes to narrowing down to responsible aspects, both natural and manual reasons are listed below.

Global warming and greenhouse effect

Global warming is the resultant cause of the greenhouse effect, which is a natural process that keeps up with maintaining the earth’s average temperature, required for the sustenance of life. But, the problem lies along when the rise in greenhouses gases like carbon dioxide and methane that entrap the sun’s heat comes into play. This contributes to the heating up of the planet to an incompatible extent.

Here’s how global warming leads to change in climatic conditions.

  • Considering the risen Earth’s temperature, the weather in different areas had varied. Dry regions have heated up due to the increased rate of evaporation. Moreover, because of this hiked rate, conditions like droughts are being faced.
  • The warming of the earth has undoubtedly led to the melting of glaciers and other ice sheets. As a result, an elevation in the sea level has been recorded, directing to calamities like floods and tsunamis.
  • Global warming has dominated the aspect of severe weather conditions and an extensive range of drastic impacts on the ecosystem.

However, global warming should not be confused with climate change, as both are two inherently related yet different phenomena. The former mainly refers to the rise in the concentration of greenhouse gases, hence increasing the global temperature. While the latter pertains to the abrupt change in climate, resulting in unfavorable weather patterns for an extended period. 

Human causes

We, humans, have been the biggest enemy of all time of our homely planet. With our day to day activities, we never get to realize how badly we are contributing to the gradually deteriorating environment. According to climate change reports and studies, it is deduced that there’s a 96% probability that human actions have added to the adverse conditions of the atmosphere over time.

Some of these few ways in which humans have propelled the abrupt change in the climate are:

  • Industrial Revolution

With the beginning of 1760 came the industrial revolution – the era of industries. The burning of fossil fuels in the factories and the production of carbon dioxide ultimately lead to the rise in Earth’s temperature. 

It has been reported that there has been a rise of 40% of carbon dioxide in the air since the Industrial revolution. With this, not only the increase in the heat made its way, but the degraded air quality also paved its way.

  • Deforestation 

The clearing down of forest areas overall worsened the whole situation of the rise in the composition of carbon dioxide in the air. Plants are considered carbon consumers, i.e., they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. 

But, with the trend of urbanization, the forest cover has been immensely wiped off at a fast rate. Thus, with this, not only the carbon content rose, but the availability of purified air was also cut short.

  • Population explosion

No doubt, the expanding population has always turned out to be a significant cause behind almost every crisis. This ever-increasing population growth led to the requirement of more resources, which in turn resulted in more carbon emissions. 

  • Pollution 

With the population crisis, comes along the increasing pollution. From water bodies to air, humans have polluted every domain of earth. The contamination of water shows up as a threat to marine flora and fauna. 

On the flip side, land pollution directed towards lowering down soil fertility – eventually depriving it of providing nourishment to the plants for healthy growth. 


The immediate climate change has come up with dreadful consequences. With this, the intensity of typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, drought, and other adversary weather patterns has extensively intensified.

Adding on to this, with these sudden changes, most of the exotic species are unable to adjust with the disparate surrounding or ecosystem and hence are on the verge of extinction. Besides this, the melting of polar ice caps has become a threat to the small island states and their community. No doubt, if the effects of climate change are not timely undone, there will be nothing left for our future generations to cherish.

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