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Earth day 2020 Will Be The First-Ever Digital Earth Day



We love our earth and today is earth day 2020.
Image credit : Pixabay (purwakawebid)

Millions of individuals from the world over commemorate Earth Day on the 22nd of April. They participate in activities, rallies, and more to make people aware of environmental concerns in a bid to safeguard the planet. Each earth day has a unique theme. Climate attention is the theme for Earth day 2020.

How did Earth Day start?

In the year of 1960s, a few environmentalists and scientists became worried about sewage, pesticides, and industrial chemicals destroying the environment. They considered them to be a threat to the Earth.

Gaylord Nelson, the Senator of Wisconsin at this time, became worried about the environmental state. He was also concerned with the disregard of the U.S. government towards it. He prompted the 11-state conservation trip of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. However, this campaign couldn’t bring this issue into the political limelight.

Nelson pursued this cause through speeches across the USA. The Vietnam War protests “teach-ins” prevalent on college campuses throughout the USA caught his attention. How? He considered organizing this sort of protest for the environment. Thus, “Earth Day” had become an idea.

Nelson roped in Denis Hayes, a student of Harvard Law School student and an environmental activist, to organize the events. The foremost Earth Day was on the 22nd of April 1970. Twenty million individuals across the USA gathered to support the environment on this day. The events that took place were greater than any protests of that time. Numerous universities paused their anti-war protests and joined in celebrations for this cause. The ultimate acknowledgment to the cause was the Congress taking a break on this day. In this way, Earth Day brought environmental issues into the political limelight and launched the environmental campaign in the USA.

The propagation of Earth Day

Earth Day developed into a global event in 1990. Millions of people worldwide showed environmental support with dramatic displays. An example was the human chain of 500 miles in France. Earth Day became an online phenomenon in 2000, and live events and emails encouraged participation.

Earth day has covered more ground than making people aware of environmental concerns.

Earth day has done more than making people aware of environmental issues. It paved the way for some initiatives. One such initiative was the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Another was the Endangered Species Act in 1973.

Earth day today

People across the world continue to celebrate Earth day. Through petitions, rallies, river clean-ups, and careful removals, they safeguard the environment. Volunteers encourage people worldwide to safeguard the environment by recycling, planting trees, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, and more.

Earth day 2020

The 22nd of April 2020 is the 50th anniversary of this civic observance day. Just like on the previous occasions, millions of individuals worldwide will rally to safeguard the planet on Earth day 2020.

Kathleen Rogers is the president of EDN. In his own words, this observance day can’t shut down due to coronavirus and thus the need for new ways to spur the world into action.​

However, he ensures the health and wellbeing of volunteers and partakers of the events on this day.

Thus, Earth day 2020 will be somewhat different in that organizers will encourage action online. Despite Social distancing, people can venture out and enjoy nature if they act responsibly. A great place to do so is the EDN website Other ways are social media websites, online chat, and the sort.

What does Earth day 2020 have in store?

On the 22nd of April 2020, the EDN website will broadcast the “global digital mobilizations.” People can view live discussions. There will be environmental talks, video teach-ins, performances, calls to action, and more.

People can see hourly call to actions for 24 hours and decide on big and small actions for this day. People have several calls to action to choose from on this 50th anniversary of earth day.

Some activities for people on this earth day
  • Publicly ringing bells is a call of solidarity. Linking videos of ringing bells to the global map on the EDN website will encourage others to do the same. Posting the video on a social media site will also encourage others.
  • It’s vital to encourage schools and universities to sustain a healthy climate. The Campus Climate Project map on this site can be handy. Students can make this map more compelling by sharing it on social media sites.
  • Green areas impact the community positively. People can encourage others to create green space by signing up on this site. They can also show what they have done about this on this day here!
  • Plastic pollution has become a significant problem for the ecosystem. Routine actions are the solution. People can motivate others by signing up for the end plastic pollution campaign on this site. The Plastic Toolkit and plastic calculator on this site are great for encouraging others to help in this cause.
  • The key to global food manufacture and nutritive security are pollinators. The pollinator garden worksheet and toolkit on this site are the right tools to encourage others to sustain pollinators.
  • It’s important to know whether local representatives are taking actions based on established science. If they aren’t, people should tell them to do so and get more people involved in the same. They are likely to listen. An effective way of making them pay heed is by signing up for this pledge on this site.
There are so many other things that people can do on this day that will determine the future. The list is endless.

It’s not ironic that people are stuck at home on Earth day 2020. There is less pollution, fewer people are on the roads, and more animals are out. It’s the time to rejoice separately, together. How about starting a new garden that will feed us in the days to come? How about cleaning the neighborhood. People must share what they do on this day with others online. Everyone is eager to see the love that others have for what we know to be our home.


Celebrate Biodiversity: Top Reasons to Commemorate the World Environment Day



Celebrate Biodiversity
Image credit : Pixabay (Siala)

What is biodiversity? And what does World Environment Day have to do with the need to celebrate biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the “foundation of ecosystem services to which human wellbeing is intimately linked.”

Humankind is part of the dynamic, complex, and varied multi-layered ecosystem. Each layer in the bio network has a singular role to fulfill. And all the layers work in harmony with one another. Consequently, if a layer gets removed, both sides of this layer collapse.

And, because people are at the top of the ecological model or pyramid, we have the biggest impact on all the layers underneath us. Therefore, we have the biggest responsibility to ensure that the ecosystems below us function optimally and remain in ecological balance or harmony. We maybe don’t see it, but when the natural order goes out of sync, we suffer as well as the other parts of the natural world.

A modern example is an increase in the number and intensity of tropical storms, cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes, caused by global warming. Succinctly stated, as the earth’s temperature heats up, the warmer oceans facilitate the development of severe storms with higher winds speeds that are capable of causing major damage as they reach areas where people live. As an aside, these weather systems are similar in that they are severe weather events that cause untold destruction when they move over urban settlement areas. Their fundamental difference is where they form.

For example, a hurricane forms over the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific oceans. A typhoon forms over the Northwest Pacific. And, cyclones occur in the Indian and South Pacific oceans.

According to, on 20 May 2020, ”the tropical cyclone Amphan made landfall with major storm surges, high winds, and flooding rainfall in India and Bangladesh.” Its original peak intensity was a category 5 storm, but it weakened to a category 2 as it moved over West Bengal, India, and Bangladesh.

Reasons to Celebrate Biodiversity

We have established the quintessential nature of the natural order and the need for biodiversity within the natural world, let’s now move onto reasons why we should celebrate our biodiversity.

We must remember

The most straightforward reason to commemorate the world’s biodiversity is that if we remind ourselves of the importance to take care of the environment. This sounds like a trite statement. However, as described above, it is imperative to secure a living environment for future generations.

The key to preventing pandemics

The website, notes that over 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihood, while another 1.6 billion people rely on the world’s forests for their living. And, there is evidence to suggest that the “loss of biodiversity could increase the number of cases of zoonoses” like Ebola, COVID-19, and SARS and MERS. In fact, 70% of new communicable diseases have originated from viruses like zoonoses.

Since more than one animal species are often involved in the spread of infection, the loss of “biodiversity and extinction of many of those species increases the chances of the pathogens reaching human beings.”

In other words, if we protect the natural kingdom and natural order of species, the risk of infectious diseases from zoonoses will reduce substantially.

Final thoughts

In summary, it is vital to celebrate our biodiversity and commemorate world environment day on 5 June 2020 as it reminds us how critical it is to take care of the world’s ecosystems so that they remain in harmony and balance. Otherwise, the world’s flora and fauna, including humankind, will not survive.

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King Stringy And Other Tallest Trees Inhabiting The Planet Earth



King Stringy
Image credit : Wikipedia

Are you one of those nature lovers who love to get lost in deep woods? Does the very thought of wandering in forests, the smallness of being around giant trees like King Stringy whose sheltering canopy, age-old bark, and earthly scent evoke a deep sense of fulfillment within you? If yes, then check our list of the most towering trees that you have to visit at least once in your life.

The mightiest trees of the earth to make us realize how small we are:

For centuries, mankind has witnessed a strange divinity in trees. In several cultures, people worship trees. The key reason behind this is that they are a major life source for us. But, the fact that they are also extremely beautiful adds to our fascination regarding trees. Isn’t it amazing that some of them grow as tall as a 20-story or a 30-story building? No, there is no exaggeration in the above statement. There are such giant trees in the world whose greatness will leave you mesmerized.

Here is a list of the tallest trees for tree lovers like you:

Hyperion in Redwood National Park

The world’s tallest tree is a redwood, namely Hyperion, situate in Redwood National Park of California. The height of Hyperion is 380 feet, thus appropriately named.

This tree is 600 years old and its exact location is kept as a secret to reduce threats of vandalism.

King Stringy in Tasmania

Lovingly named King Stringy, this is a stringy-bark tree standing at an awe-inspiring height of 282 feet. It is the tallest member of the Eucalyptus oblique family.

It has derived this unique name because of its stringy and flaky bark that peels off easily. Nevertheless, the bark and the wood of King Stringy are extremely sturdy and the flowers are loved haven by bees. Having survived several natural threats, the pretty kingly tree is one of the toughest trees.

Nehemiah Loggorale Meena in Tasmania

Believe us when you say that Neeminah Loggorale Meena is as tall as its long name. Standing with pride in the deep forests of Tasmania, this blue gem tree is one of a kind.

The meaning of Neeminah Loggorale Meena is ‘mother and daughter’ in the Aboriginal language. It stands completely isolated in an area and is 298 feet tall. The Tasmanian Forestry Law clearly states that any tree exceeding the height of 278 feet cannot be cut down, ensuring the safety of such huge trees.

Alpine Ash in Tasmania

The Florentine Valley of Tasmania is famous for its untouched, ancient forests. There are rows of tall Eucalyptus delegatensis trees. The tallest one in the group has reached 288 feet from the ground.

Deforestation is a serious threat to the Florentine Valley, but the conservation groups are trying their best to preserve forests.

White Knight, Evercreech Forest Reserve

Though the White Knight has not saved any damsel in distress, its height alone is heroic. Standing at an inspiring height of 299 feet, it is one of the pride of Tasmanian forests. Dendrophiles from all around the globe visit the White Knight.

So, one trip to Tasmania will give you the opportunity of looking at some of the largest trees with your own eyes.

Raven’s Tower in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

If you visit the Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, you can spot the Raven’s Tower. The height of this tree is 317 and the park was established with the intention of protecting the lofty trees of the area.

Centurion in Arve Valley

You’ll find the second tallest tree of the world on the small island of Tasmania in Australia. This giant tree, Centurion is 330 feet tall and has got its name from Roman centurions.

There was a devastating bushfire in southern Tasmania in February 2019, and Centurion has been luckily saved. 

Giant  Sequoia in Sequoia National Forest

The Giant Sequoias are the world’s biggest trees. Once you step into a sequoia forest, you’ll never feel like leaving the place. 

The name of the tallest Giant Sequoia tree is General Sherman tree. Situated in the Sequoia National Park in California’s Tulare County, it has a height of 275 feet.


Other than King Stringy, Hyperion and Centurion, there are some other tallest trees such as Menara, Doerner Fir, and Yellow Meranti.

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An Apple Tree: Caring For An Apple Tree And Benefits Of Eating Apples



Apple tree
Image credit : Pixabay

An apple tree is among the most popular trees in the world because of its nutritious fruit. Spring flowers, delicious fruits, and summer shade are only a few of the wonderful advantages of planting an apple tree.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Usually consumed raw, people also use apples in several recipes, drinks, and juices. They are available in various sizes and colors.

Some basic facts about an apple tree:

  • Etymology- The word ‘apple’ has a Proto-Germanic origin.
  • Production- China is the largest producer of apple in the world. Other suppliers of delicious apples include Poland, the United States, Iran, Italy, Turkey, and India.

How to care for an apple tree?

Through proper control of diseases and insects, pruning, and fertilizing, you can enjoy the fruit and beauty of an apple tree for years. If you have an apple tree or plan to plant one, here are some facts that you need to know:

  1. Location and time- Early spring or late fall is an ideal season for planting apple trees. The preferred location is one with wind block to keep the apples from falling off before they are ripe.
  2. Size- These trees can be as tall as 40 feet, but the dwarf varieties are easy to maintain.
  3. Pruning- Pruning increases fruit production and should be done in winter.
  4. Symptoms of pest infection and diseases- Look for symptoms like stunted growth, yellowing of foliage, white layer on leaves, spots on fruits and leaves, and branch dieback.
  5. Fruits- Fruits usually appear after three or four years.

Nutritional value of apples:

  • Carbs- Apples are primarily composed of water and carbs. So, they are replete with simple sugars like sucrose, glucose, and fructose.
  • Vitamins and minerals- Apple contains multiple minerals and vitamins, Vitamin C being present in high amounts. Potassium, the main mineral present in apples is good for the heart.
  • Fiber- Apples are also high in fiber, thus boosting digestion.
  • Other plant compounds- Apples are also a source of several antioxidant compounds such as quercetin (anti-depressant), chlorogenic acid (improves muscle and brain function), and catechin (aids weight loss and lowers blood pressure).

Check out more information: Scientists Discover that Cutting Trees Can Save the Earth’s Forest From Excessive Drought and Heat.

Health benefits of eating apples:

Apples are not just juicy and tasty but also have excellent health benefits.

  1. Fights against diabetes- People who eat apples regularly have fewer chances of developing type 2 diabetes. The reason behind this is that it has an ample amount of soluble fiber.
  2. Fights Cancer– Many studies on animals and test-tube babies have revealed that apples reduce the chances of having cancer in the colon and the lungs. Other studies have proved that people who eat apples regularly are at a lower risk of getting breast and colorectal cancer.
  3. Makes the heart-healthy- Apple is also a heart-friendly fruit, one that lessens the chances of being affected with cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Helps reduce irritable bowel syndrome- Irritable bowel syndrome can be characterized by diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, and bloating. Doctors recommend a minimum intake of fatty foods and dairy products in such cases. So, apple is a good replacement for people with IBS.
  5. Controls weight- The best way of managing weight is by exercising and eating healthy foods. Apple and other fruits give the body the required nutrients and also help the person maintain healthy body weight.
  6. Prevents hemorrhoids- Swollen veins in a person’s anal canal are called hemorrhoids. Fiber can control constipation and alleviate hemorrhoids.
  7. Detoxifies liver- One of the easiest and best things that help you detoxify the liver is apples.
  8. Strengthens immune system- Quercetin, an antioxidant present in red apples boosts the immune system.
Best time to eat apples:

As apples are rich in pectin, you should eat them in the morning. Since most people these days suffer from digestive problems due to insufficient sleep and unhealthy eating habits, eating an apple in the morning is a good idea. However, do not eat it or any other fruit in an empty stomach as it might aggravate acid reflux, causing distress.


If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet is a must. Apples are an excellent choice in this respect. So, keep having this healthy and tasty fruit. Planting an apple tree in your backyard is also a great idea.

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