5 Simple Things You Can do to Save the Earth

Little Things That You Can do to Preserve the Environment.

Most people think going green is a challenging task, but it’s easier than you think. What you do daily can bring a big difference between preserving the environment and destroying it. Taking care of the planet, it’s more than a responsibility; it’s a privilege. Here are some of the little things that you can do to preserve the environment.

Use water in the right way

Little things like paying attention to how to use water at home or any other place can make a big difference. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth and fix all leaky faucets and toilets. Drink tap water instead of bottled water to avoid wasting all that packaging. Try as much as you can to wash your clothes using cold water rather than warm water.

Ride your bike or walk to work when you can

If you decide to leave your car at home and walk to school or workplace a few times a week, you can minimize greenhouse emissions significantly. Besides, you will also be burning calories and become physically fit if you opt to walk or ride a bike rather than using your car everywhere you go.


You can minimize environmental pollution by putting an empty soda can in a different bin and get it recycled. If you must choose between two products, opt for the one with less packaging. According to EPA, in an office with approximately seven thousand workers who recycle paper waste for 12 months, the resultant impact on the environment is equivalent to removing 400 cars from the road.


Think about the amount of trash your household or office makes within 12 months. Minimizing the volume of solid waste, you create annually means taking up minimal space in landfills. Besides, your tax bucks can finance more essential development projects rather than handling waste management projects.

Compost also makes an excellent natural fertilizer, and the entire process of making compost manure is quite simple.

Stop using plastic straws

If there is one item you can stop using without losing anything, it’s the plastic straws. Given their size and shape, plastic straws are impossible to recycle. Most of them rare decompose. In addition to littering the landfills, these items wind up in rivers, lakes, and oceans and can cause serious harm to marine life. If you must continue to suck, consider purchasing a reusable straw.

Mind what you throw away

Before throwing any item away, find out if it can be recycled, saved, composed, or even donated. The dumpster should always be your last resort. A lot of the items you use can be reused instead of being thrown away. Note that waste doesn’t disappear magically when you throw it.

Go paperless

Given the fluidity and ease of emails, you no longer need to receive your emails or bills in paper form. In fact, some companies reward their customers who go paperless or offer an option to go paperless.

Well, no one can change the earth, but if we all work together and choose to make the right change, we can make our planet a better home. The earth needs immediate help and your daily choices matter. While we can’t be perfect, we can be more conscious global citizens.

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