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Tumpa Mukherjee

Tumpa Mukherjee is a nature lover and a freelance content writer. Her writings mainly deal with health, environmental social news and awareness, and natural facts. She is much concerned about the present condition of the nature and the lifestyle of various existing and endangered species on Earth.

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Hi I am Shubhankar !


‘Subhankar Bhattacharjee’ is the founder of Nature Talkies . Not only is Subhankar passionate about social justice and equality for all, he understand the need to protect our natural heritage. He believes that nature needs to be preserved not only to enhance the current generation’s quality of life, but also as a legacy for the future generations to come.

This blog is borne out of a desire to highlight the need to create green spaces, reduce pollution, and to protect the endangered flora and flora that is rapidly dying out due to urbanization and pollution.